Belarus women protests

Embattled Belarus president is no longer a legitimate leader, says Lithuanian, Gitanas Nauseda says there cannot be normal relations with Lithuania’s neighbour until free elections are allowed to take place.

Lukashenko is heading to Moscow for urgent talks with Putin amid the violent protests in Belarus.

The mass protests have been going on in Belarus last night from the first election results showed President Alexander Lukashenko securing his sixth term with over 80 percent of the vote, and the opposition challenged the outcome.

The protest in Belarus, numbers of riot police and military vechicles were brought to the capital. The internet connection in Belarus is blocked. Armed troops used stun grenades, water canons and rubber bullets to chase protestors down.

Women came out in white clothes with flowers in #Minsk to protest against the regime violence and show solidarity with the victims of peaceful demonstrations

President #Lukashenko claim a landslide re-election victory. As his opponents and foreign leaders charged that the vote was rigged,

Belarusians risen up against a dictator of 26 years and are standing up against an oppressive police state.

Belarus powerful protest against police brutality rallies happening in Grodno, Lida, Baranavichy, Zhodzina.

Those released from arrest complain of beaten in detention. Chaos violence 7,000 have been arrested and several are dead, after rigged election. The masses in Belarus are Protests have spiraled, demanding an end to President Lukashenko’s regime.

Workers are join on strike and women are forming “solidarity chains”. Women formed human chains of solidarity in various neighbourhoods in #Minsk.

Chairperson of the Belarusian Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova said on Thursday that Belarus does not need a war and called on people to refrain from participating in unauthorized demonstrations and violent riots.

“Obviously, we all do not need a fight, we do not need a war. Minsk had always been quiet and calm. Let’s stop self-destruction, we must not destroy with our own hands everything that we have created during the years of independence of our country,” Kochanova told Belarus-1 state-owned television channel.

According to the chairperson, more than 1,000 people have so far been released under the obligation not to participate in unauthorized events, and minors were handed over to their parents.

Call for action on Belarus by the Presidents of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Poland on 13 August 2020

We, Presidents of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia as regional neighbors of Belarus, members of NATO and the EU, want Belarus to be a stable, democratic, independent and prosperous country. Therefore, we call upon the President of the Republic of Belarus to:

De-escalate the situation and terminate the use of force against your people immediately. We urge to stop violence and call for respect of fundamental freedoms, human and citizen rights including the freedom of speech, media, assembly and safety of journalists;

Urgently release all detained protesters, stop further persecution; 

Immediately initiate a dialogue with the Belarusian people. Hear the voice of your citizens and let them speak out freely. Based on the experience of our own societies, and on our personal experience, we urge you to organize a national reconciliation roundtable, comprised of representatives of the government and civil society. This would represent an appropriate step in launching a genuine national dialogue. We strongly believe that dialogue is always the best path to advance social development, discuss reforms and the future of your country.

Should Belarusian authorities meet these requirements, the doors for cooperation with international community should remain open. Isolation is not a way for any nation’s prosperity and development.

We stand ready to offer our mediation efforts to reach a peaceful solution in Belarus and to strengthen your country’s independence and sovereignty.

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