Hongkong fresh arrests

Training provided by the central government is essential for the Hong Kong police’s newly formed national security department to operate effectively, former police commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung said. The approach to national security cases cannot be properly learned from day-to-day experience, Tsang said.

National security, multidimensional matter; it includes issues that city police officers rarely engage in, such as security of the food supply, Tsang told China Daily in an interview.

Hong Kong National Security Law has been in force for more than a month. It prohibits four categories of crime: secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign or external powers to endanger national security.

“So I will not be surprised if training were soon to be provided by the central government to our police officers in the newly established Department for Safeguarding National Security,” Tsang said.

Hong Kong police rounded up six more men on Thursday in connection with the mob attacks in Yuen Long last July. It brings the total arrest figure to 43 following criticism that the force has failed to properly investigate the incident.

The force said at a press conference that the six men some with triad connections were arrested on suspicion of rioting and conspiracy to wound with intent. Senior Superintendent Chan Tin-chu of the New Territories North headquarters’ crime squad said police have been proactively investigating the case, but he did not reveal exactly what the suspects were accused of doing.

Chan also did not disclose the exact locations of where the alleged crimes took place, despite repeated questions from reporters. He only said that “violent clashes” happened in the Yuen Long MTR station and adjacent areas, including Fung Yau Street North, Ying Lung Wai and Nam Pin Wai.

“No matter what the identity, background or political standpoint [of the perpetrator] is, as long as there is evidence to prove someone has violated the law, police will enforce the law persistently and impartially,” Chan said.

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