SOP:TV-Film Shoots

SOP released for resumption of film and TV shootings amid COVID pandemic

Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar today released Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for film and TV programme shooting amid COVID pandemic. 

Mr Javadekar said the Film and TV industry is an important industry and the SOP has been issued after consultations with the Home Ministry and Health Ministry. He said that shooting and production for TV and films can now begin. 

He said many parts of the country have seen complete closure of this segment of industry and few states have allowed partial shooting but today the government is laying SOP as per the international experience.

‘Contact Minimisation’ is at the core of the SOP. This will be ensured by minimal physical contact and sharing of props. Make-up artists and hair stylists must use PPEs. Persons handling shared equipment must wear gloves. Lapel mics are to be avoided and never shared.

There must be six feet physical distancing at shoot locations, recording studios and editing rooms. Scenes, sequences, camera locations, crew position, seating, should follow distancing. There should be a minimum cast and crew during shoot and visitors and audience will not be allowed on sets. Coordination with local authorities must be done to manage spectators during outdoor shoots.

Staggered call and pack up timings must be followed for different production units at studios with multiple sets. There must be designated entry and exit points for shoot locations. Regular sanitisation of sets, make-up rooms, vanity vans, and washrooms must be ensured.

Higher risk employees should take extra precautions and preferably not be exposed to frontline work requiring contact with the public. Using face masks is mandatory at all public and work places. Frequent handwashing is to be practiced, and there must be provision of hand sanitiser at entry and in work areas. 

Spitting is strictly prohibited and respiratory etiquette should be followed. Thermal screening will be done at all entry points and only asymptomatic persons would be allowed on premises.

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