Why India land of spirituality?

Indian festivals related to spiritual keep people united with best social practices and wholesome ethical. Festivals related to crops bring fairs and celebrations of musics song dance to its core. Festivals thus give natural impetus,stimulus to its demand for better economy.


India Land of Lord Ram, Krishna, Gautam Budha, Mahabir Jainism, Kabir,Valmiki, Lord Nanak, Christ colleagues, Osho, Vivekanand, Ram Krisna, Ajmer Shariff travel to India to practice spirituality and many more in South sages, Lands of temples, Sun Temple,Tamil Malyalam Ramayana.

India Wisdom lies in its best practices of Education, Trade, business families dynasties involved since ages.
Intellectual Wisdom progressed with subject of spirituality syllabus.
exploring life, Soul, purpose of life, Masters, Infinite, God, all such study enrich ones mind.

Cosmic study through observation and its Calculus astronomy helped us to understand cosmic dynamics.

Observation of Glaxy way and study of cosmos relate us with cosmic move result in preparing calender, days accordingly.

Knowledge of zero to infinite, minus zero to negative infinite viz blachole. Absolute space, time for infinite.

Not only study but texts in Vedas- Puranas are best verses for purity of mind expand its strength with love kindness, humility shows path of higher goals. Enriching soul rather than body needs bring best humanitarian practices.

India civilization lies nCulture
Gharana of classical Music, Singer and vocal instruments.
Kathak,Kuchipudi state form dances from tribal to classical.
Folk songs of states.

Scriptures recitation through ages
believe in Spirit, Soul, Universal soul and cosmic soul are best deep study.
Then not only philosphies the Eastern but Practice spirituality and attaining miracles.Patanjali describes Yoga way and its results.
That is why scientific culture kept us our civilization intact through ages.

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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