DM Attend SCO

‘Russia is the only country that can act as facilitator for any eventual Chinese-Indian rapprochement,’ points out Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.

Russia-China relations are at best with two communists nations build bio polar world US and its NATO allies the other arm.

Rajnath Singh meets Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe in Moscow.

According to Indian government sources, the bilateral meeting was requested by the Chinese defence minister.


Indian leader said peace and security in the region demands a climate of trust, non-aggression, peaceful resolution of differences and respect for international rules. Defense ministers of #India, #China to hold talks in #Moscow over border dispute.

Two leaders held over a two-hour-long meeting in Moscow. The focus of the meet was on easing escalating border tensions in eastern Ladakh.

In his address at the SCO meet, Rajnath Singh referred to the Second World War and said its memories teach the globe the “folies of aggression” of one state upon another that brings “destruction” to all.

Both India and China are members of the SCO, an eight-nation regional grouping which primarily focuses on issues relating to security and defence.

“Peaceful stable and secure region of SCO member states, which is home to over 40 per cent of the global population, demands a climate of trust and cooperation, non-aggression, respect for international rules and norms, sensitivity to each other’s interest and peaceful resolution of differences,” Singh said in the presence of the Chinese defence minister.

India entirely responsible for current tensions, China’s Defence Minister tells Rajnath Singh. General Wei Fenghe reiterates China’s stand in Moscow talks.

Allegation and counter allegations are being drawn on each other.

China and India face heat in Moscow presence.

Trump said, China border has been ‘very nasty’ and the Chinese are ‘going at it’ much more strongly, United States President Donald Trump said he would love to get involved and help.

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