Diet Elected Suga PM Japan

Suga Yoshihide has been named Japan’s 99th prime minister following a vote in the Diet.

Suga elected Japan's new prime minister

Suga Yoshihide has been chosen as Japan’s 99th prime minister in the Diet.

The political transition comes after Abe Shinzo’s surprise announcement last month, that he would step down to deal with health issues.

Suga won a commanding victory in Monday’s vote for the leader of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

He’s well known to Japanese as the voice of their longest-serving government, acting as Abe’s Chief Cabinet Secretary for more than seven years.

Suga Yoshihide has been named Japan’s 99th prime minister following a vote in the Diet.

Suga unveiled Japan’s new era name: Reiwa.
It’s an uncommon honor, which made millions look at the Prime Minister’s trusted aide and adviser in a new light.

It earned him the nickname “uncle Reiwa” — and ignited political speculation about the man behind the podium.

Suga grew up in Akita Prefecture.
He grew up outside of the national political realm — on his parents’ strawberry farm.

He was nearly 40 when he first ran for office — netting a seat on Yokohoma City Council.

Less than a decade later, he used strong street-level campaigning to win a seat in the Lower House.

Known for his loyalty, he never forgot his roots.
As a cabinet minister, he promoted policies to help rural communities hit hard by Japan’s rapid demographic shift.

Throughout his career, Suga has lived by a motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
And five years after Abe’s first resignation, he led a call to bring his political ally back to power.

Now, finally in the spotlight himself, Suga is letting the world get to know him.

He likes to travel, fish, golf and keep fit.
The fruit farmer’s son inherited a sweet tooth — and a love for the land where he grew up.

While Suga has shown he has the will to take on the challenges facing Japan, people across the country are waiting to see how he’ll lead the way.


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