Gun shots in Whanganui

Armed police at incident in Castlecliff, Whanganui, after gunshot reports .

The armed offenders squad has been notified and there is a dog unit there as well.”

Police have blocked off both ends of Seafront Rd. Photo / Bevan Conley
Police have blocked off both ends of Seafront Rd

A policeman at the incident said they could hear shots when they arrived.

A search helicopter has been hovering over Castlecliff Beach.

Aranui School principal Maryann Roberts said the school had been advised by New Zealand Police to go into lockdown.

“They will advise at the time when we are able to come out of lockdown,” Roberts said.

“We are communicating regularly with parents and letting them know that their children are safe and happy.

“As soon as we get that advice that they can come and pick up their kids we’ll let them know.”

A number of Seafront Rd residents said they didn’t hear any shots and were confused about what was happening.

Whanganui police have blocked off a number of streets in Castlecliff and a school is in lockdown after reports of gunshots being fired.

Police have set up cordons on Rangiora and Manuka streets around the Seafront Road area.

A police spokesperson said they had received two calls from members of the public, one saying that gunshots had been heard, and another that two males had been seen carrying firearms.

“There are cordons in place to try and locate these people, and it’s still ongoing at this stage.

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