Sexual harassment in Workplace

Pertinent to brief,restraint in sexual desire lead us to Rajya Yoga and both gender individuals are leading to be Yogi/Yogin with miracles automatically happening to such individuals in short to long run.

Sexual harrassment in workplace by organisation need ethical guidline best practices of management so it be in family be inculcated. Avoid Ignore not to retaliate are best directives to follow in midst of such hazards.

Girls teasing political,Cinestar celebrity is common sight even powerful daughter find delight in teasing gentlemen refer it light vein.

In run to one’s success the sexual harassment someime scapegoats.

Sexual titbits in workplace is governed by the majority of gender the load of sex fall on the loner,law unable to bring any relief until one quits.

Sexual harassment is not only from one side it happens both ways,eve dominated office male workers say difficult to breathe and each official wants to command,direct,rule the isolated gender.

Going beyond the ‘Me Too’ movement. Efforts should be made to implement sexual harassment law while working on its inadequacies.

Recent allegations of sexual harassment against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap by actor Payal Ghosh have opened fresh debates on the ‘Me Too’ movement in India.

Many have raised concerns over the veracity of the allegations. With Mr. Kashyap’s colleagues, ex-employees and former spouses coming out in his support, questions arise as to whether ‘believing the survivor’ is a slogan reserved only for certain women.

While Ms. Ghosh has filed an FIR, Mr. Kashyap and other female actors named by her have initiated legal action at their ends.

However, criminal law is unlikely to be able to maturely handle the complex elements of sexual harassment at the workplace.Thindu

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