Covid Recovery 83.7 percent

The global death toll from the coronavirus now stands at more than 1.016 million, over 34.2 million cases have been detected, and almost 23.7 million people have recovered, according to Johns Hopkins University, which tracks and compiles data from national and local authorities, the media, and other sources.

As multiple countries around the world have reported an uptick in coronavirus cases, many nations have decided to re-introduce harsh pandemic-related restrictions in a bid to curb the further spread of the virus.

The United States still has the highest case count in the world, with 7,277,804 infections, including 207,791 fatalities and 2,860,650 recoveries.

It is followed by India, which is second in terms of the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, with more than 6.31 million COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19 recovery rate in country reaches 83.70 percentage

The country is registering a continuous increase in the number of patients recovered from COVID-19. With recovery of nearly 79 thousand people in the last 24 hours, the total number of recovered patients in the country stands at over 53 lakh 50 thousand. The overall recovery rate has now reached 83.70 per cent.

The Health Ministry has said that the gap between recovered cases and active cases is progressively growing wide. The constant increase in recoveries have ensured that the actual caseload of the country has reduced and currently comprises only 14.74 per cent of the total positive cases.

India has crossed a landmark milestone by keeping the active cases below the 10 lakh mark in a sustained manner for 10 days in a row.  The number of recovered patients has also overtaken the active cases by more than five times. Unprecedented surge in COVID Recoveries with more than 100 per cent increase in patients recovered and discharged in the last one month has also been reported. Health Ministry has informed that the sustained high recovery rate is fuelled by nine States and Union Territories reporting recovery rate of over 80 per cent.

Early identification through aggressive and wide scale testing, prompt and effective treatment in hospitals and supervised home as well as facility isolations, have actively led to a high recovery rate in the country. Currently, India’s Case Fatality Rate stands at 1.56 per cent. India has progressively maintained a low Case Fatality Rate compared to the global average.

In the last 24 hours, 81 thousand 484 new cases were reported taking the total number of positive cases reported in the country so far to 63 lakh 94 thousand 69.

Presently, the total number of active cases in the country is nine lakh 42 thousand and 217. In the last 24 hours, one thousand 95 deaths were reported taking the toll to 99 thousand 773.

Nearly 11 lakh COVID samples were tested in the country in the last 24 hours. With cumulative testing figure of around seven crore 70 lakhs, India continues to be one of the countries across the world conducting highest number of daily tests. Starting from just one testing lab at National Institute of Virology, Pune, in January this year, the country today has one thousand 869 labs for testing COVID samples which includes one thousand 101 government and 768 private labs.

Average daily testing has witnessed an increase by nearly four times in a span of two months. It stands at around 12 lakh tests in the recent weeks. Tests done per million of the population has also risen manifold in a span of two months and currently stands at nearly 50 thousand per million of the population. With the expansion of testing infrastructure, the daily testing by States and Union Territories has also increased. Twenty three States and UTs have recorded higher tests per million than the national average.

Despite increase in testing, the positivity rate remains low and hovers around 8.4 per cent. Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Jharkhand and Telangana are among the states recording a positivity rate even lower than five per cent.

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