Vaibhav Summit

True each innovation in our life bring new venues of employment,ease in life prosperity around with system improve but our country knows about its glory but fails to give impetus like joining coordinating the research and provide fiscal and collateral facilities required.Dr Harbind Khurana call to Indian government went unnoticed scientist left land,everyday we find capable mind leave quiting nation with various shortcoming.

PM Modi makes an effort but our system shall make mockery of such efforts. Both Private and government way to research innovation need to galvanise. US, UK, Sweden,Norway Finland, France, German, Japan S Korea are doing from last fifty years. These nations have conducive environment and helpful government whereas we have corrupt system and politicians busy make money laundering and keeping in foreign banks.

We have to begin from education to institution and Government multiple department to keep innovation research happening in schools to business of million ways in land of billions of people.

VAIBHAV Summit: PM says govt has taken several measures to boost science, research & innovation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited researchers and academicians and sought their support to realise the dream of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, which includes a vision of global welfare.

In his address after inaugurating the Vaishvik Bhartiya Vaigyanik, VAIBHAV Summit this evening through video conference, Mr Modi said, just recently, India introduced pioneering space reforms which provide opportunities for both industry and academia. He said, there is a need to amplify the rich history of Indian science.

The Prime Minister also called for inculcating interest among youngsters for studying science.  Mr Modi said, the summit should look forward to realising the dream of building a secure and prosperous future for the coming generations. Calling VAIBHAV as a confluence of great minds, he said that these efforts will help create an ideal research ecosystem, merging tradition with modernity to create prosperity.

The Prime Minister said the government wants top class scientific research to help the farmers. He said, the agricultural research scientists have worked very hard to increase the  production of pulses. India imports only a very small fraction of the pulses today and  the country’s food-grain production has hit record highs.

Mr Modi said, the Government has taken numerous measures to boost science, research and innovation. He said, science is at the core of our efforts towards socio-economic transformations. In 2014, four new vaccines were introduced into the country’s immunisation programme which included an indigenously developed Rotavirus vaccine. He said, the government has  encouraged indigenous vaccine production. The Prime Minister said, the government has recently given market authorization for an indigenously developed pneumococcal vaccine. 

These vaccination programmes and POSHAN mission take the health and nutrition of our children to the level of importance it deserves. He said, the government has launched an ambitious mission to eradicate TB in India by 2025, which is five years before the global target.

The Prime Minister also referred to India’s major missions on supercomputing and cyber physical systems. Talking about fundamental research and applications in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors, and big data analysis, Mr Modi said that this will boost the startup sectors and manufacturing in India. He said, this summit will lead to useful collaborations in teaching and research. The efforts of the Indian diaspora will help create an ideal research ecosystem.

AIR Correspondent reports that more than three thousand overseas Indian origin academicians and scientists from 55 countries and more than 10 thousand resident academicians and scientists are taking part in the summit. The aim of the summit is to bring Indian origin luminaries in academic institutes and Research and Development organizations across the world and resident counterparts on a single platform to debate upon collaboration mechanisms to strengthen academic and Science and Technology base in India for global development. The summit will conclude on the 31st of this month.

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