Yogi handles Hathras case


#UPPolice claim Rs.100 crore were funded for riots in state, out of which Rs. 50 crores was sent from #Mauritius. #ED‘s preliminary report claims #PFI got Rs 50 crore transferred from #Mauritius for inciting riots in #Hathras:

The submission of report by SIT to UP CM extended by 10 days Following the orders of CM Yogi Adityanath, the time given to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to submit their report to the CM has been extended by 10 days: Awanish Awasthi, Chief secy Home Deptt

If PM Modi does not dismiss Adityanath as a CM of UP then PM Modi is complicit- the key conspirator and the mastermind behind the Hathras case which has unleashed more crime against women, that increases day by day – @sushmitadevinc Mahila Congress.

The political advocacy into a putative conspiracy to foment caste discord.

Amnesty being accused of sparking caste-tensions in Hathras?

Grapes of wrath: On Yogi Adityanath regime handling Hathras case

OCTOBER 07, 2020 00:02

The Yogi regime is trying to stigmatise legitimate outcry on the Hathras murder

The registration of multiple police cases in Uttar Pradesh on charges of conspiracy and sedition is an insensitive, albeit unsurprising, response to the legitimate outrage sparked by the way in which its officials had handled the aftermath of the gang rape and murder of a Dalit girl in Hathras. The State administration is seeking to convert the outcry and political advocacy into a putative conspiracy to foment caste discord. There seems to be inadequate recognition that initial attempts to deny that any rape took place and to prevent political leaders and the media from meeting the girl’s family pointed to an administrative posture hostile to the doing of complete justice. It was only to be expected that such an attitude would create a backlash against the State government. The only way to restore its image is to display empathy for the victim and treat protests seeking justice as legitimate. Even though the suspects named by the 19-year-old before her death in a Delhi hospital have been arrested and the FIR includes the charge of gang rape, there are clear signs that the Yogi Adityanath government is adopting dubious tactics to prevent what it sees as the crystallisation of public opinion against itself. Recognising that the formation of an SIT did not help undo the damage to the government’s image, the Chief Minister recommended a CBI investigation. However, even that came across as a move to fob off any adverse order from the Allahabad High Court, which has taken suo motu cognisance of the matter. Thindu input.

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