Finland Goes on tight restriction

Virus resurgence brings greater insecurity.

The Lockdown Dialogues held in the spring attracted more than 1,100 participants, and these events are now continuing in the autumn. On 23 September, individuals, groups and organisations from far and wide took part in the online discussions about life under lockdown. The next such opportunity will be on 22 October. Dialogue organisers are already signing up for this.

The first Lockdown Dialogues event of the autumn attracted participants of different ages from across Finland and abroad. The discussions, in Finnish and in Swedish, provided an opportunity to talk about feelings that people have regarding the uncertainties in everyday life. Talking to others and sharing experiences in this way proved helpful to participants, giving them greater confidence in the future.

The epidemic is now escalating again, and in the discussions it was clear that people are suffering fatigue, they are constantly on their guard, feeling uncertain and insecure, and concerned that not everybody appears to be pulling in the same direction. 

The discussions provided the opportunity to stop and focus on the matters in question, which allowed people to structure their concerns a

Tighter restrictions to be imposed on food and beverage service businesses in six areas.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health  9.10.2020

The epidemiological situation is constantly monitored, because at the moment the situation is developing very fast throughout Finland. The Government assesses the necessity of restrictions on food and beverage service businesses every two weeks, and if necessary, issues a new decree. Information on restrictions will always be provided separately. 

In areas where the COVID-19 epidemic has reached the acceleration stage, food and beverage service businesses (restaurants) will need to follow tighter restrictions starting on 11 October.

In the regions of Uusimaa, Southwest Finland, Pirkanmaa, Kanta-Häme, Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia, food and beverage service businesses (restaurants) must stop selling alcohol no later than 22.00 and they must be closed no later than 23.00. In addition, they will not be allowed to seat more than half of their normal number of customers inside their establishments. The restrictions will enter into force on the night between Saturday 10 October and Sunday 11 October at 00.00.

Provisions on the restrictions on the activities of food and beverage service businesses are laid down in section 58a of the Communicable Diseases Act. This temporary section will remain in force until 31 October 2020. Further provisions on restrictions are issued by government decree.  The restrictions will remain in force only for as long as is necessary, but no longer than until 31 October 2020. 

In other regions, the restrictions that took effect on 8 October will remain in force until further notice. Under these restrictions, food and beverage service businesses may serve alcohol until 24.00 and they may be open until 1.00. The number of customer seats will not be limited in other regions. 

The regions where the epidemic has reached the acceleration stage have been determined on the basis of an expert opinion from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and an assessment from the situational picture and modelling group set up by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. These in turn are based on the assessments made by the relevant regional cooperation groups regarding their own areas. 

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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