New Zealand Election Steady


Jacinda Ardern is on rolls for a second term NZ PM.

New Zealand go to the polls today, being Saturday with the governing Labour Party set to benefit from Ardern’s response to COVID-19.

Labor Leader Ardern vows to quit if she loses New Zealand election 17 Oct.

Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern is at 52.6 per cent, down 0.6 percentage points, while Judith Collins is on 18.4 up 0.7 percentage points.

National Party leader Judith Collins has ruled out resigning, no matter what happens in tomorrow’s election.

Collins said she became party leader at a time when polls showed “very poor” support for National.

Political experts and opinion polls favour Jacinida Ardern to be back for top post.

New Zealand goes to polls with Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern back to power due to her handling of covid pandemic and moralality and decency at its best in the Christchurch massacre.

Advance voting almost 2 million votes have been cast in advance of this election day, a huge jump from previous early voting numbers in the 2017 and 2014 general elections.

By 5pm yesterday 1,976,996 people had already voted in the 2020 general election and two referendums, after voting opened on October 3.

New Zealand poll coustodian, An Electoral Commission spokeswoman said it encouraged early voting to help manage Covid-19 alert level 1 restrictions.

“Advance voting has been growing in popularity so we did expect to see an increase, but we also did encourage people to vote early to help spread out voting across the period because of Covid-19, to reduce queues in voting places.”

She said it was too early to say whether the number of advanced voters would contribute to an overall higher voter turnout.

“We will not know turnout until late tonight. We will have an estimate.”

The spokeswoman said voting today had been steady across the 2567 voting booths around New Zealand.

Counting of the advanced votes began at 9am today, giving the Electoral Commission a head-start on results, which won’t be announced until after the polls close.

Today’s voting centres close at 7pm when the rest of the counting will take place and preliminary results are expected soon after.

Arden electoral victory is assured on Saturday poll.

New Zealand election results

Labour Party: 64.5% (+17.6)

Green Party: 20.3% (+14.0)

National Party: 7.8% (-37.7)

ACT: 7.4% (+6.9) +/- vs 2017

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