Protesters back in Bangkok

Thailand protests looks to be getting massively political serious may be either army intervention. Protests against government and the monarchy are being strengthening meeting mass revolution with huge public force on streets of Bangkok.

Any attempt to dissuade Thai protesters not to gather today has failed crowd swelling in large numbers.

Thai protesters chanted “Hong Kong is a country. Give back their independence.”

The trains have been closed all over greater Bangkok. Protesters are leaving dog food at train stations for the “loyal pets” who are so obediently obeying the dictatorship.

More digital loaded and planned Anti-government protesters today on Sunday turned up for organised demonstration against Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha and the powerful King in Bangkok defying o a ban on protests soon turned big numbers.

Demonstrations persisted despite the arrest of dozens of protesters and their leaders, the use of water cannon and shutdowns on much of Bangkok’s metro rail system in a bid to quell over three months of street action nothing discourged their intentions.

Protesters changed quickly from point to point, possibly posting different sites demonstrations on social media.

Moves were noticed along Victory Monument, nearly five kilometres away.

Protesters at Asok put up handwritten notices on the shuttered station that read “Does licking the boots of the dictator taste good?”.

A few police officials gathered on the other side of the interchange but did not immediately intervene.

“We are committed to maintaining peace and order. In order to do so we are bound by laws, international standards and human rights,” police spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen told a news conference.

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