Combat Covid Cleanly

PM Modi urges people not to lower guard till there is vaccine for Coronavirus.

“In India too we are working on COVID-19 vaccine, some are in advanced stage. And as and when it comes, we are working on a plan to reach every household as fast as we can,” he adds.

He quotes Ramcharitmanas, stating that the book warns that one’s enemy and deadly diseases should not be taken lightly.

PM Modi’s speech, Salient Features

We must keep in mind that the lockdown may have ended but the virus is still there.

COVID-19 fatality rate in India is 83 for one million population, while the figure is more than 600 in countries like U.S., Brazil and Spain.

This is not the time to be careless or to believe that COVID-19 has ended.

Of late many people have stopped taking precautions, this is not right.

If you are careless and moving around without mask, you are putting yourself, children and the elderly at risk.

Govt is making all efforts to ensure that COVID-19 vaccine, whenever it is launched, reaches every Indian.

Media personnel, people on social media should campaign and spread public awareness for following COVID-19 guidelines.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged people not to be complacent till there is a vaccine for the virus. 

In his seventh address to the nation in last seven months, Mr Modi said, in the fight against corona, people of India have come a long way from Janta curfew till today. 

He said,  till the vaccine of this pandemic comes out, the  fight against Corona should not be weakened . 

Prime minister reminded people not to forget that even though the lockdown is gone, the virus has not gone yet. 

Mr Modi thanked doctors, nurses, health workers those who are selflessly serving such a large population. 

He appealed all should remain during the festival celebrations.

The Prime Minister said, compared to world, India is saving more lives. 

He said, more than 90 lakhs bed, 12 thousand quarantine centres and two thousand covid labs are available in the country.

The Prime Minister said, India is succeeding in saving the lives of more and more of its citizens than the resource-rich countries of the world. 

The growing number of tests has been a major strength in the fight against the COVID pandemic. 

Mr Modi said country’s mortality is low and recovery rate is good. 

He also said effort will be to ensure Covid vaccine reaches all. 

Prime Minister also appealed to media to spread awareness.

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