Santiago Churches Blaze amid protests

Two churches blaze in Santiago,in Chile and a police headquarters firebombed during protests.

The tower of Parroquia de la Asuncion, one of Santiago de Chile’s oldest churches, collapsing.

Second others showed the Iglesia de San Francisco de Borja, which is often used by the police for ceremonies, too alight.

Santiago: Spire of a 19th century church in Santiago goes up in flames amid anti-government protests.

The steeple of a 19th-century church in #Santiago has collapsed in #flames amid anti-government protests.

Parroquia de la Asuncion #church in the #Chilean capital was filmed ablaze on Sunday as demonstrators and locals looked on.

It was one of two churches to burn during protests marking the anniversary of the mass movement against inequality and government mismanagement that took off in #Chile last October.

Protest began by students on metro fare hike and inequality on rise culminated on Sunday violent protests later with police presence in large numbers , violence left 30 dead and thousands injured nearly 2880 arrested.

A referendum will take place on the Chilean constitution on 25 October

Sunday’s event encouraged people to vote for a change in the country’s constitution, which dates back to the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

A police headquarters was also firebombed during the unrest, and shops were looted.

Thousands of demonstration had begun peacefully on the Plaza Italia, also known as the Plaza de la Dignidad but soon turned violent despite a heavy police presence.

Protests turned violent in Chile after thousands took to the streets of Santiago to mark one year since mass demonstrations that left 30 dead and thousands injured.

Police engaged in a tense stand-off with protesters, using tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds in the capital on Sunday.

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