Thai PM:Sp Parliament Session

Thailand economy is crippling with recessions now, further covid shattered virus force majeure. Thailand Qs of Democracy intinsic strength and its institutions are endangered with continuing protest bring another wagering sojourn period to concentrate on its revival.

PM Prayut agrees to extraordinary House session and wants to quell unabate protest by students still today seen at various points in Bangkok.

Nonthaburi provincial court releases Shinawat Chankrachang, one of the protest leaders in Nonthaburi, on 100,000 THB bail with condition to not repeat the same offenses.

Local media reports,The crowd is arriving at the Public Health ministry and at the Kaset intersection.

In front of the Bangkok Remand Prison, protesters said they are just going to picnic, having some food on footpath. They also demand for the arrested protesters to be released and lift the State of Emergency.

October 19, 2020

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has agreed to having an extraordinary House session to debate ways to end the ongoing political crisis.

The prime minister also dismissed speculation that the government was planning to impose a curfew and enlarge the state of emergency to cover some other areas outside Bangkok to deal with the escalating anti-government protests.

He said the he will ask the Cabinet during its weekly meeting on Tuesday to consider proposing to Parliament to meet to discuss the current situation.

Parliament is now in recess and will not return for the next session until the first week of November.

“The government supports a House sessio  to discuss truths  — it’s better than listening to partisan views – to find ways to alleviate the conflicts,” he said.

Commenting on the ongoing protests, Prayut insisted that the government has been taking a compromising stand toward the protesters. He reiterated his call for the protesters to refrain from violent acts.

“But the government has a duty to protect the Monarchy,” he added, referring to the anti-monarchy rhetoric of some of the protesters.

The prime minister denied the government was considering imposing a curfew to cope with the ongoing protests.

He also denied having plans to extend the state of emergency to cover other areas besides Bangkok.

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