Luis Arce win Bolivia Election

Arce after results said, “Now our great challenge is to rebuild our homeland in peace, to regain joy, stability and hope for a better tomorrow for all Bolivians,” Arce said on social media in response to the final result, with a video of his support around the country. “We won’t let down the trust that people have placed in us.

Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced on Friday, Arce won 55 percent of the votes against six rivals on the ballot, easily avoiding the need for a run-off, and providing vindication for the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party of former President Evo Morales who was ousted last year and now lives in exile.

Salvador Romero, the head of Bolivia’s electoral authority, said in a press conference late on Friday that there had been a huge turn-out despite COVID-19.

“With 88 percent participation, Bolivians set the second highest record in our history and one of the highest in Latin America in the 21st century,” he told reporters.

“This affirms how people want to live in peace and with institutions that fulfil their mission, and rejected the ominous predictions of confrontation and violence.”

Luis Arce, leader of Evo Morales’ party, has won the Bolivian election in a landslide win in first attempt and need not go another vote.

Bolivia’s electoral tribunal on Friday confirmed leftist Luis Arce’s landslide victory.

The Bolivian people have rejected the military coup.

Bolivian people made their voices heard in 19 th October election after a difficult, year-long fight to restore democracy. As minister of economy, Mr. Arce helped slash poverty and inequality. Bernie

Bolivia election result (President):

Arce (MAS): 3,393,978 votes (55%) .

Mesa (CC): 1,775,943 votes (29%)

Camacho (Creemos): 862,184 votes (14%).

Arce received over 500,000 more votes than Morales in 2019, & won 3.4 million votes, the most votes that anyone has ever won in Bolivia

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