PM 70th Edition of Mann ke Baat

Friends, today through our speech, bearing, actions & every moment we have to carry forward the entire spectrum of values that unite us so that sense of ease, belongingness is inculcated in mind of the citizen living in one part of country for citizen living in other: #PMonAIR

Unifier India, Sardar Patel,One aspect about Sardar Patel that is not as widely known- he had a great sense of humour, even in the middle of tough circumstances. This is a learning for all of us- we must always keep our sense of humour alive. Sardar Patel’s sense of humour was noted by Bapu too!

Unity is Power, Unity is strength, Unity is Progress, Unity is Empowerment, United we will scale new heights : PM

On 31st Oct we will also celebrate Valmiki Jayanti. For him service and human dignity is paramount. : PM

PM 70 th edition of on Radio Mann Ki Baat. During the address,

PM Modi urged each citizen to be jovial even in worst condition not to lose oneself pride further said people to remember ‘vocal for local’ while shopping in the festive season.

Highlighting Khadi India’s reach in international market, PM Modi said, “many of our local products have the potential to go global.”

Highlighting Khadi India’s reach in international market, PM Modi said, “Many of our local products have the potential to go global.”

“A Khadi store in Delhi registered Rs 1 crore sale on single day on Gandhi Jayanti.”

– “Previously, a large number of people used to gather in Durga Pandal. It was a fair-like atmosphere during Durga Pooja and Dussehra, but this time it didn’t happen. Many more festivals are to be observed, we’ve to work with restraint during this Corona crisis,“ said PM Modi.

On 31st Oct we will also celebrate Valmiki Jayanti. For him service and human dignity is paramount. : PM

On 31st October we lost former Prime Minister of India, Smt. IndiraGandhi. I most respectfully pay my tributes to her: PM

Sardar Patel devoted his entire life to the solidarity of the country. He continued to inculcate the mantra of unity in diversity in every Indian’s mind.

It is said in the Gita, nothing is pure in the world like knowledge. I congratulate all those who spread knowledge:

Many of our games are attracting the World. Our traditional sport Mallakhambh is alsogaining popularity in many countries. : PM

Be it Germany, Poland or Malaysia, Mallakhambh has gained popularity in 20 Nations:

My dear countrymen, during the #lockdown, many instances of technology based service delivery were explored in the country and it is not that only the big technology and logistic companies are capable of the same :

My dear countrymen, today, #Pulwama in Kashmir playing important role in educating entire country. Today, when children all over the nation do their homework, or prepare notes, somewhere behind this lies the hard work of people of Pulwama! : PM

Friends, but you will be happy to know that all over India there are several people who get immense happiness spreading knowledge. These are people who are always eager to get everyone inspired to study: PM

Friends, our country has many forms of martial arts. I would like our young friends to know more about them learn them and over the course of time bring about innovations in the same: PM

My dear countrymen, when we take pride in our own things, the world’s curiosity around them also grows – Just like our spirituality, #Yoga, #Ayurveda has attracted the whole world: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the people of the country to give priority to local products while shopping during this festive season. Addressing the nation through his Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio this morning, Mr Modi asked everyone to remember the resolve of Vocal for Local.

He said the whole world is becoming fan of Indian products. He stressed that many local products have the potential of becoming global and gave the example of Khadi. He said Khadi has remained an icon of simplicity for a long time but is now getting recognized as an eco friendly fabric. He added that Khadi is body friendly and an all weather fabric which has also become a fashion statement.

Not only is the popularity of Khadi rising it is also being produced in many parts of the world. The Prime Minister said there is a place in Mexico called Oaxaca, where the local villagers weave Khadi. Today, the Khadi of this place has gained popularity around the world as Oaxaca Khaadi. Mr Modi recounted how Khadi reached Oaxaca through a young person called Mark Brown who was deeply inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Mark Brown visited Bapu’s ashram in India and realised that Khadi was not just a fabric but  a complete way of life. On his return to Mexico, he introduced the villagers of Oaxaca to Khadi and trained them. Oaxaca khadi has become a brand now.

The Prime Minister asked the people to visit the Oaxaca Khadi website and listen to the interview of Marc Brown. He expressed happiness that during Gandhi Jayanti this year, the Khadi store in Connaught Place at Delhi witnessed purchases of over one crore rupees in just a day. Similarly the Khadi masks have also become very popular during Corona.

He said self help groups are making Khadi masks in many places of the country and gave the example of Suman Devi in Barabanki of Uttar Pradesh. Suman Devi, along with her friends of a self help group, started making Khadi masks and they are now producing thousands of Khadi masks. Mr Modi said India’s local products often have a complete philosophy enshrined in them.

Prime Minister stated that many indigenous sports have attracted attention the world over just like our Spirituality, Yoga, and Ayurveda. He highlighted that  Mallakhambh too is gaining popularity in many countries. He said when Chinmay Patankar and Pragya Patankar decided to teach Mallakhambh out of their home in America, they had no idea how successful it would be. Mallakhamb training centers are running at many locations across America. A large number of American Youth are joining and learning Mallakhamb. Mr Modi said Mallakhambh is becoming popular in around 20 other countries, be it Germany, Poland or Malaysia. And now, Mallakhamb World Championship has also been started which sees participants from around the world.

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