Erodgan confront Macron

PM of Italy, the Netherlands and Greece also expressed support for France, did European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Emmanuel Macron of needing ‘mental health treatment’ and mistreating ‘millions’ of French Muslims.⁣

The #Turkish President’s claim came in angry tone, following #France’s crackdown on radical mosques and Islamic extremism.⁣

‘What is #Macron’s problem with #Islam and Muslims? He needs mental health treatment,’  #Erdogan said at a Justice and Development Party congress. ‘What can be said to a head of state that treats millions of members of a #religious minority in his country this way? First of all, he needs a mental check.’⁣

The remarks came after  #France renewed its pledge to combat Islamic extremism following the brutal murder of teacher Samuel Paty by a radical Chechen refugee.⁣

Erdogan’s scathing comments were instantly condemned by Macron’s office and the #Germanforeign ministry. As the fallout between the two leaders continues to escalate, both sides are raising the stakes. #Paris has already recalled its envoy from #Turkey, while Erdogan called onto the entire Muslim world to boycott all French goods.

Turkey confronts France on indifference oil exploration with Greece.Syria,Israel,Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt,UAE, Armenia France recalls Turkey envoy Macron tough on radical Islam Erodgan:EU anti Muslim agenda ask boycott Fr-Goods.

Calls for a boycott on French products have been circulating online in Arab countries.

Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry expressed “extreme dismay” over the French publication of offensive caricatures, about 50 cooperative societies in the country removed French products from their outlets, Kuwait’s Al Qabas newspaper has reported.

Qatar, including supermarket chain Al Meera, boycotting French products.

In campaign is underway in Jordan, where some grocery shops have displayed signs declaring that they will not be selling French goods.

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