Pakistan Reacts to BECA Ink

China – Pakistan diplomacy growing to encircle influence India thus BCEA has added needed counter India and the US agree to share military information and strengthen their defence partnership.

With BECA, India received a massive boost to access American capabilities including Geospatial intelligence for targeting enemy positions with pinpoint accuracy and better surveillance of adversaries Pakistan and China.

BECA defence deal and India’s nuclear force expansion to have ‘serious repercussions’, says Pakistan.

Furthermore Pakistan warns the world on Wednesday that India’s expansion of its nuclear forces will have “serious repercussions” for peace and stability in South Asia. 

Islamabad was reacting to the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) which was inked between the United States and India today. 

Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said that Pakistan had time and again highlighted how provision of advanced military hardware, technologies and knowledge to India will have serious repercussions for peace in South Asia.

According to the deal, India and the US have agreed to share military information and strengthen their defence partnership. 

Pakistan highlighted how the recent “unprecedented rate of missile tests” that were conducted by India were a manifestation of the dangerous Indian conventional and nuclear military build-ups. 

“It again corroborates concerns expressed by several international experts on the military spin-offs of conducting high technology trade with India, which has not only eroded the international norms but has also resulted in negatively affecting the strategic stability in South Asia,” said Chaudhri in a statement. 

He added that these developments clearly negate the argument that India’s mainstreaming in the international export control regimes will further the non-proliferation objectives of these regime

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