Quebec Stabbing

After France, Canada is new target of violence erutption. Reports, multiple stabbings in Quebec City, with suspect reportedly dressed in medieval costume.

Police in Quebec City say they are hunting for a man dressed in medieval clothing and armed with a bladed weapon who has left “multiple victims.” They say it happened near the national assembly.

Quebec police say a man has been arrested after two people were killed and 5 injured in a stabbing incident

Police are asking those in the area to stay indoors. The Mass Stabbing Took Place Outside The Parliament Building In Quebec City, Quebec. Police Have Told The Entire City To Shelter In Place As They Search For The Suspect.

At least 2 killed and 5 hospitalized after man dressed in “medieval clothing” goes on stabbing spree in Quebec City, Canada. Authorities are asking residents to stay indoors as they search for the suspect. 

A man in his mid 20s was arrested shortly before 01:00 local time (04:00 GMT), officers said.

Commissioner names stabbing suspect as 35 year old Qatari-national Samir Al-Hajeed has been arrested.

What Canadian press conference is it provoking its own, PM Justin?

One reporter, Justin Trudeau, or any prime minister for that matter, should go around needlessly poking religious groups in the eye and saying offensive things to them.

That said, he should be willing to stand and say clearly that it is the right of any and every Canadian to do just that.

PM duck question thrice but to the direct volley,

Canadian Press reporter Lina Dibb said on Friday. “Should it be allowed to make fun of religion and Muslim leaders.”

It was the most direct way the question had been posed to Trudeau so he could hardly dodge this time.

“We will always defend freedom of speech,” Trudeau said in response to the question.

Then he pivoted.

“Freedom of expression is not unlimited. For example, it is not allowed to yell ‘fire’ in a packed theatre,” Trudeau said.

“In a respectful society, such as ours, everyone must be aware of the impact of our words and actions on others. There are communities expressing huge discrimination in Canada today. So yes, we will always defend freedom of expression, but everyone must act respectfully towards others and not try to needlessly or arbitrarily hurt someone we share this planet and society with.

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