Arnab Arrested

Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami was on Wednesday arrested by the Local Crime Branch (LCB) of Raigad in the abetment to suicide case of Anvay Naik.

The official said a team of Alibaug police picked up Goswami from his Lower Parel house on Wednesday morning.

Goswami, who was seen being pushed into the police van, claimed he was assaulted by police at his home, before being taken away.

“Alibaug police arrested Goswami under sections 306 (abetment of suicide), and 34 (acts done by persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code. This (arrest) pertains to the 2018 case of a man and his mother committing suicide. We have evidence (against Goswami),” the police official said.

“When we gave the intimation (of arrest) to Goswami’s wife, she tore up the paper,” he added.

Republic TV Editor Arnab Goswami says, “I have been beaten by the police” as he is brought to Alibaug Police station. His arrest was not informed to his wife. He was assaulted by 2 police officers. His family members were pushed & house was cordoned off for 3 hours. There are abrasions on his left hand & an existing injury on his hand was tried to be torn apart by police: Arnab Goswami’s lawyer. ANI

Ashish Tiwari@ashishrtiw·Shame on your journalism when you can’t speak against atrocity on other media houses. Remember if govt start throttling media houses then no one will be spared.

Interrogation or Investigation, Arrest to media owners bring Shiv Sena take way forward but this arrest appears to be in a specific case registered back in 2018 when an interior designer committed suicide and named Goswami in the suicide note may be congruous for best interrogation, investigation,arrest?

Architect Anvay Naik had named Arnab Goswami in his suicide note in 2018.

In 2018, the architect and his mother committed suicide over alleged non-payment of dues by Republic TV, police said.

During the past few months, Indian media has been under strict scrutiny. Mumbai Police, hyper-nationalist Republic TV was among the three channels being investigated for allegedly gaming ratings and using them to spread fake narratives and gain ad revenues.

Yes we can be critical of Arnab but arresting media owner after Emergency days media gagged Kuldeep Magyar, Mr RN Goenka, bring freedom to contain is the next worst to media fraternity.

#IndiaWithArnab | Emergency ended in 1977 but mindset stayed. Cong supporting, Shiv Sena giving same mindset. Attempt to crush every anti-govt voice is a blot on democracy. India learned one thing-struggle is our slogan in face of every persecution: @Dev_Fadnavis on #ArnabGoswami

Colouring reminds Emergency days. Federal government and its minister call media man arrest ill conceived action on part of State.

India nation of double speak person will remain inert and no one will display solidarity with Media. It is day light inhuman way of disposing the dignfied class of media.

IndiaWithArnab Are we returning to age of facism & dictatorship in garb of democracy? Vendetta politics exceeding all limits. Absolutely no ground to arrest #ArnabGoswami. Minimum Maharashtra Govt can do to vindicate freedom of press is release him immediately: @DrJitendraSingh

Shades of the Emergency! The arrest of Arnab Goswami is an attack on the freedom of press. Those who really believe in this freedom must speak up!: Dr S Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs of India @DrSJaishankar

Ravi Shankar Prasad@rsprasadOne can differ, one can debate and one can ask questions too. However arresting a journalist of the stature of #ArnabGoswami by abuse of Police power, because he was asking questions, is something which we all need to condemn.

The Editors Guild of India condemns arrest of Arnab Goswami, editor-in-chief of Republic TV. “The Guild calls upon Maharashtra CM to ensure that Goswami is treated fairly and state power is not used against critical reporting by media.”

With ANI reports

@ANI · #WATCH Republic TV Editor Arnab Goswami detained and taken in a police van by Mumbai Police, earlier today

Sachin Waze who is an Encounter Specalist was sent to arrest #ArnabGoswami in a 2 year old 306 IPC case. Armed guards with AK 47 and semi automatic weapons were sent to arrest Arnab.

Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami has been arrested in a two-year-old suicide abetment case in which investigations were reopened recently, the Mumbai police said today. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, condemning what he called an attack on press freedom in Maharashtra, said the arrest “reminds us of the Emergency”
“We condemn the attack on press freedom in Maharashtra. This is not the way to treat the Press. This reminds us of the emergency days when the press was treated like this,” Prakash Javadekar tweeted as reports emerged of Arnab Goswami’s arrest.

Union Ministers WCD, Smriti Irani condemn Arnab Goswami’s arrest.

Smriti Z Irani@smritiirani, Those in the free press who don’t stand up today in support of Arnab, you are now tactically in support of fascism. You may not like him, you may not approve of him,you may despise his very existence but if you stay silent you support suppression. Who speaks if you are next ?

May this year, Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh announced he has ordered a fresh probe in the case after a complaint by Adnya Naik, daughter of the architect Anvay Naik.

Deshmukh said Adnya alleged that the Alibaug police had not investigated the alleged non-payment of dues from Goswami’s channel, which she claimed drove her father and grandmother to suicide in May 2018.

Police said Goswami was taken to Alibaug in Raigad district in connection with the suicide case.

While in the police van, Goswami was seen claiming that police assaulted him and his son and he was also not allowed to meet his in-laws.

Police said that in a suicide note, Anvay Naik, who owned Concorde Designs Pvt Ltd, had claimed that he was ending his life due to non-payment of his dues Goswami, Feroz Shaikh of IcastX/Skimedia and Niteish Sarda of Smartworks.

Police said that as per the note, the three firms owed Naiks company Rs 83 lakh, Rs 4 crore and Rs 55 lakh respectively.

Police said the two others named in the suicide note have also been arrested.

Responding to the claim on non-payment of dues, Republic TV had in a statement said the entire amount owed to Concorde had been paid.

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