US Election Close Shave


As counting continues in the #USElections, @JoeBiden supporters marched in New York to demand every vote be counted.

@realDonaldTrump’s supporters protested in Detroit demanding a halt to ballot counting in Michigan.

The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Georgia asking a judge to order election officials to follow law on storing and counting absentee ballots.

Tension spiralled in the still undecided US election Wednesday after President Donald Trump made unprecedented claims of fraud and demanded a recount in Wisconsin.

Joe Biden wins key States in U.S. prez election .

If #JoeBiden wins #Nevada, he will reach 270 electoral votes needed to win #POTUS race in #Election says US bureau chief.

US election Wed after Trump made unprecedented claims of fraud demanded a recount in Wisconsin

Close race Both side predict win

Biden ask supporters be patient final verdict yet to announced. However deciding states Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin play pivot.

Trump claims ‘major fraud’ being perpetrated; says he will fight election in Supreme Court.Nail- biting finish has its own hardships, President Trump want to take ballot battle in SC.

The Presidential candidate who makes it to 270 electoral college votes wins – and vote counting race not hefty lead between Donald Trump and Joe Biden slender edge in seesaw battle of electorates puzzle.

Biden : 224.

Trump : 213.

Democrat Joe Biden claimed Wednesday he was winning America’s knife-edge election, but President Donald Trump shot right back by predicting his own victory and accusing his opponent of trying to “steal” the vote. Biden, 77, warned that because of unprecedented use of mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic getting final results would “take a while.”

Biden holds narrow lead over Trump in Wisconsin as result awaited

Republicans Donald Trump is set to make a statement, with the US election is still too close.

Democrat Joe Biden rallied his supporters but urged patience, saying: “We’re on track to win this election.”

With the Presidential contest race too close to call in key swing states, both Trump and Biden remain hopeful.

With the counting vote race too close to call in key swing states, both Trump and Biden remain hopeful to ascend to capital hill.

Biden leading with thin marks.

US Elections Biden leading race by 14 electoral votes.

Biden wins Arizona, Maine, Minnesota.New Hampshire, Oregon,Washington,California. Colorado, and the District of Columbia

Trump wins Florida,Texas. Idaho. Kansas and Missouri.

Most exciting cliffhanger is ballot battling at Pennsylvania, which many say now holds the key to the White House for both the campaigns, announced in the wee hours of Wednesday that their next update would be only after 9 AM (local time), indicating that the suspense over the election results would continue for at least one more day.

Pennsylvania has last dead heat with 20 crucial electoral college votes.

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