Democracy is Messy

Nevada, Arizona, Georgia close to call are all Pennsylvania, the pivotal states.

During a press conference at the White House, Trump said: “If you count the legal vote, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us… I have already won many critical states… massive victories in Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, to name just a few, we won these and many other states despite historic election interference from big media, big money, and big tech… We won by historic numbers.”

Georgia is a virtual tie, Trump is ahead by just 1,902 votes. The two candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden are tied at 49.4 per cent each.
Georgia has remained reliably Republican since 1992 when it backed southern son and Democrat Bill Clinton. 
In 2016, Trump beat his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton by five points.

Georgia, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania where final counts are awaited.  As far as Arizona is concerned which media has called in Biden’s favour, the vote count is still not complete and the Trump campaign claims it can still win the state. 

Democracy is sometimes messy and requires a little patience, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said as the counting of votes for the US election is taking longer than usual.

Biden urged Americans to stay calm and wait patiently while every vote is being counted. Biden is just shy of reaching the magic figure of 270 and win the race to the White House.

In America, the vote is sacred. It’s how the people of this nation express their will. And it is the will of the voters, no one, and not anything else, that chooses the President of the United States. So, each ballot must be counted and that’s what is going on now. And that’s how it should be,” Biden said in his address to the media in Delaware.

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