Duda MoU defence:US

Polish president AndrzejDuda ratify a document, signed by the chiefs of defence of #Poland and the #US. It describes the scale of new investments in #defence infrastructure implemented.

A document, signed in the summer by the chiefs of defense of Poland and the USA, describes in detail the scale of new investments in defense infrastructure implemented in cooperation with the Americans and the rules for treating American soldiers and personnel.

The document also states, inter alia, that Americans will have priority in exercising criminal jurisdiction “in the case of acts or omissions committed in the performance of official duties”. It was stated that Poland “in any case it deems particularly important” will exercise jurisdiction criminal penalties over US military personnel.

The number of American soldiers in Poland is to be increased from 4,500 to 5,500. The Ministry of National Defense estimates that annually, about PLN 500 million (EUR 111 mln) will be allocated from taxes to maintain American troops.

The timing of the agreement’s ratification is due to the creation of the Forward Command of the 5th Army Corps in Poznań. Its official opening will take place in November, when over 200 soldiers will arrive in Poland to form the core of this command.

Americans will be granted access to 19 military complexes. The contract also includes a list of investments covering as many as 114 projects in 11 locations, the cost of which will be borne by the Polish state. They will include the construction of an apron for airplanes, hangars for 12 unmanned aerial vehicles and 31 hidden underground ammunition stores. It is not known how much it will burden the state budget.

The agreement is to be ratified on Monday at 15:00, informed the National Security Bureau.

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