In view of #airpollution level and #COVID19 cases, Delhi government imposes a complete ban on the sale and use of all kinds of firecrackers till 30th of November.



Came down heavily on Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal for being utterly failed in protecting the livelihood of lakhs of small and tiny traders of Delhi and poor people who earn extra income by selling firecrackers as their seasonal business on occasion of Diwali, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) also termed the order of Delhi Pollution Control Committee dated 6thNovember,2020  which states that ” There will be a “Complete Ban” on bursting and sale of all kinds of fire crackers from 7.11.2010 to 30.11.2020 in the territory of NCT of Delhi “, as null and void and is a blatant violation of order of Supreme Court of India. The CAIT strongly demanded Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and CMs of other States to compensate the firecracker traders for the losses they have accrued due to ban on sale of firecrackers.

Mr.Khandelwal has demanded that all Environment Committees in Central Government and State Governments should be suspended immediately as these Committees have failed to draw a conclusion that as to what are the root causes of pollution in the Country and what could be the permanent remedial measures to ensure safe environment and on the other hand smooth conduct of businesses. The Environment Committees should be set up comprising experts, environmentalists and representatives of stakeholders. Broadly the same set of retired officials are sitting in these Committees who are not the experts of the environment and therefore have failed in discharging their responsibilities with due diligence.

CAIT Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal while terming this move as an axe on the stomach of poor people said that the Supreme Court on 12h March,2019 while articulating concerns over rising unemployment in the country said that it wasn’t in favour of a complete ban on crackers and instead suggested regulating the polluting aspect of the industry.A bench led by Justice AK Sikri had then directed that only green crackers be used and sold throughout the country. Later on, in another hearing of the same case, Justice Bobde while hearing the matter made observations on the lack of employment prospects in the country and observed that  “We cannot give them jobs, food. Why should we take away what they have?” suggesting a major rethink in the court’s approach to the problem. Instead, he called for regulating the polluting aspects of the problem. In this context, he wondered whether air crackers were a bigger problem than vehicular pollution. Justice Bobde also pointed out that crackers held a special place in India unlike in other countries which haven’t banned crackers. Other alternatives could be explored to deal with cracker-related pollution such as communal bursting of crackers, etc., he suggested. “We do not wish to generate unemployment. Is there any comparative study on what proportion of pollution is caused by firecrackers and what proportion is caused by automobiles?”

Mr.Khandelwal said that it is ironic that several States including Delhi have banned the sale and bursting of firecrackers without applying mind . The so called Pollution Committees have also utterly failed in identifying the root cause of pollution and thereby framing appropriate policies. It is deeply regretted that without making a comprehensive study of pollution, several short term measures are taken and everytime they are aimed to kill the business, be it banning of firecrackers, or sealing the shops or imposing unmindful penalty on traders and various several other steps taken from time to time to disturb the trade and commerce in cities of the Country. The political bosses have no idea as to how such steps are killing employment and in the name of the environment, they also sing the same song with such Environment Committees.

Mr. B.C.Bhartia, National President of CAIT said that the Supreme Court directed to use green crackers but what are the green crackers is yet to be made public. The fir crackers industry in India provides employment to about 10 lakh people and more than 80% of firecrackers are made in Sivakasi in Tamilnadu where there are about 1100 firecracker manufacturing Industries. The total manufacturing of firecrackers in India amounts to about 5000 crores of rupees. In absence of any clear policy on firecrackers, the Industry is dying its own death.

Both Mr. Bhartia & Mr. Khandelwal said that such orders are issued only at the grand festival of Delhi. Why not a policy is made so that firecracker manufacturers enable them to manufacture exactly what is allowed to avoid any controversy or resulting into huge business loss and increasing unemployment substantially

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