PM:Expansionist Troubling

PM says country’s military strength has increased its negotiating power manifold an inspiring remarks for each army person.

India will give befiting reply if tested in battle said PM Modi at Longewala Post.

PMModi, address soldiers at the historic Longewala post of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan on Diwali.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India has shown the world that it also has power and political will to give the right answer. He said that India’s military strength has increased its negotiating power manifold. He said India today kills terrorists and their masters by barging into their home.

PM Modi said the world now understands that India won’t compromise with its interests at any cost and India is clearly presenting its opinions on international fora.  He said every Indian is proud of the strength, valour and invincibility of Indian soldiers and no power in the world can stop our brave soldiers from guarding the borders.

Prime Minister Modi said valour of Indian soldiers has always triumphed in every challenge whether it is the peaks of the Himalayas, the stretch of desert, dense forests or the depths of seas.

The Prime Minister said India showed great valour at Longewala and whenever history on the excellence of soldiers will be written and read, this Battle will be remembered. Saluting the sacrifice of soldiers’ families, he said his Diwali is complete only when he spends it with soldiers.

Stating that expansionism is, in a way, a mental disorder and reflects 18th-century thinking, he said  the whole world is troubled by expansionist forces today.  He asserted that India is becoming a strong voice against this thinking. India’s strategy is clear as it believes in the policy of understanding and making others understand. But if attempts are made to test us, the reply they receive is intense, the Prime Minister asserted.

The Prime Minister further said that India is working rapidly to increase its defence capability and make its defence sector Atmanirbhar. The Government has decided to focus on the indigenous arms factory and this decision has propelled 130 crore Indians to work towards vocal for local doctrine.

PM Modi said, without naming any country, that the entire world feels troubled by “expansionist” forces

Keeping with his practice of spending time with soldiers on Diwali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed troops at Longewala Post in which he asserted that India will give “prachand jawab” (fierce reply) if it is provoked.

Mr. Modi said, without naming any country, that the entire world feels troubled by “expansionist” forces and expansionism shows a “distorted mindset” which belongs to 18th century.

“India believes in policy of understanding others and making them understand but if an attempt to test it is made, then the country will give a fierce reply,” he asserted. His message comes amid the continuing standoff with China at Ladakh border.

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