Peru Manuel Resigns

Nation must not be leaderless. Parliament Congress must provide stop gap arrangements as Interim President.

Peru now has no president as crisis takes chaotic turn.

Peru continues in turmoil with each day bring clashes on street, violence and nation crisis far from over.

Interim president Manuel Merino announced his resignation on Sunday. He said it was “irrevocable” and called for “peace and unity”.

Minutes before, Congress president Luis Valdez said all of the country’s political parties had agreed he should resign or they would launch impeachment proceedings against him.

Peru’s political parties called for Manuel Merino’s resignation days after he won an impeachment push to remove the president.

Manuel Merino was sworn in on Tuesday after Peru’s opposition-dominated Congress voted to remove popular centrist Martin Vizcarra as president over bribery allegations, which he denies.

Peru’s interim president Manuel Merion has resigned after just five days following the deaths of two people in protests over the sudden removal of his predecessor.

He on a televised speech at midday on Sunday, Mr Merino, the former head of Congress who had led the push to impeach Mr Vizcarra, announced his resignation.

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