India Miss RCEP

Industy of high tech helps trade to generate internal growth of human and nation wealth bring best of way of living standards comforts for all.

We not upgrade with Education, skills and meritocracy, research, innovation and institution corporate cordination matrixes.


We not upgrade, but volley reasons for bad practices,can’t we dictate trade to world.

Thindu reports India has allowed other countries “unfair” trade , Mr. Jaishankar was particularly scathing of trade agreements, which he said had forced India “deindustrialise”.

China continuing progress in global economy with is high tech match world class is envious for the developed world.

Industrial pace need brand quality standards with business ethics along with its image presentation which dragons products are best in the initial stats but can’t maintain with hopeless quality,deceit and dishonest deals lead to the Chinese business downfall and lost its global integrity inspite of bigest market.

China and India the first two biggest market across globe formidable fusion in hightech growth.

India to lose out on economic recovery  out on the opportunity to a new round of regional industrial reconstruction and fast lane of economic recovery by opting out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the Global Times said on Monday. 

The signing of RCEP, which covers 15 countries and 30% of the global economy, undoubtedly offers a driving force for the involved economies to regain growth momentum to struggle out of the COVID-19 mire and win advantages during the post-pandemic era. China Media. 

Amid seven years of negotiations, the Modi-led government dropped out of the RCEP-related talks at the end of 2019.

The Global Times said India had been actively trying to cut economic ties with China citing concerns over competitiveness of Chinese product, once declared its intent to stay out of all international economic deals that involved China.

Chinese state media reported that India along with Japan and Australia is now pushing the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) to reduce the world’s reliance on Chinese industrial chains.

Furthermore due to a lack of progress Japan and Australia have now joined the RCEP list along with China, South Korea, New Zealand, and 10 ASEAN countries.

MEA in his brief has given vivid description of globalization and interdependence of trade which is crux of balance of payment in economy terms but our global supply is continuous shrinking with government intentionally ignoring in education,upskill in high tech with hardly any cooperation or joint coordination with Indian corporate.

“Though the RCEP may still leave a chance for India, it will be hard for the nation to reset its direction unless New Delhi clearly realizes that its core interest has been hindered by its skewed strategy.”

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