Chhath Festival begins

Sun worship, the giver and sustainer of life is central theme of old Indo-Euro culture. Sun,Fire still remain from ages upto recent today centre to our veneration of this celestial body, life givers and earth rotates elliptically to bring life- being in vibrant mode.

President Ram Nath Kovind extends his greetings on Chhath Puja festival.President of India @rashtrapatibhvn· Greetings to fellow citizens on Chhath Puja. May ‘Chhath Maiya’ bless all the citizens with good health and prosperity. On this auspicious occasion, let us resolve to preserve nature and environment and celebrate the festival keeping in mind the spread of Covid-19

Chhath festival being celebrated with traditional fervour & devotion today

Chhath Puja is being celebrated in different parts of the country with traditional fervour and religious devotion today. Devotees will offer prayers known as Sandhya-Arghya to the Sun this evening.

Celebrated mainly in Bihar and Jharkhand, Chhath Puja is a four-day-long festival worshipping the Sun God and his two consorts, Usha and Pratyusha. The four-day celebrations culminate morning with Pratah-Arghya to the rising Sun. Chhath festival is dedicated to the worship of the Sun god and his two wife Usha and Pratyusha.

During celebrations, people thank the Sun, the god of energy and life-force, for sustaining the life of Earth.

President Ram Nath Kovind has greeted the people on the occasion of Chhath. In his message, the President said that on Chhath Puja, there has been a tradition of people worshipping sun God and also offering reverence and gratitude to Mother Nature by veneration of rivers, ponds and other sources of water. He asked people to resolve to preserve nature and environment and celebrate the festival keeping in mind the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

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