Israel anti-aging

Scientists in Israel found a way to reverse cellular aging with century-old therapy.

Scientists in Israel have turned back the clock on the aging process by putting #humans in chambers with pure oxygen.⁣

After receiving the #treatment, participants had significantly longer telomeres, the part of the chromosome that typically shortens as we age. Shorter telomeres are linked to diseases such as #dementia and cancer.⁣

Participants also saw a decrease in the number of older, malfunctioning senescent cells – which have been linked to age-related illnesses.⁣

Dr. Shai Efrati, lead researcher on the #study, says it is a potential breakthrough for anti-aging research.⁣

‘For the first time in humans, we can see that we’re not only slowing decline, but the opposite – we can reverse it,’ Efrati told Insider. ‘We see an elongation [of telomeres] of more than 20%, something that was considered impossible in humans.’

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