Repeal Agri-Laws

National economy and GDP is in minus double digit dip with farmers protest across nation will deaccelerate economy thus Modi government need to end this catch 22 situation with paramount emergency for welfare of common man. All borders closed Delhi citizens may face difficult days with vicarious arrests of 2.2Cr Delhites out of bound for incoming and outgoing population for business, careers offices commuters.

Farmer protest #WeOpposeBlackLaws.

Sikh Man cleaning up the streets of Delhi.The streets of Delhi have never been more clean and the beggars’s on Delhi’s streets have never felt their stomach’s being more full than now.

The farmers’ agitation, which entered the 17th day on Saturday, Modi said at the annual meeting of industry body FICCI in New Delhi that agriculture reforms as part of government efforts are aimed at removing roadblocks, and the new laws will also bring in technology and investment in the sector. Whereas small farmers believe agri laws will bring abject poverty to the small farmers, form 86% of total agrigarian society.

Protesting farmers picket 165 toll plazas nationwide as farmers across nation unite in unison against Agri laws.

With farmers voice takes International dimension mass movement sticking to their demands, farmer leaders Saturday said they are ready to hold talks with the government, but will first discuss repealing the three new farm laws, announced that representatives of their unions would sit on a hunger strike.

Addressing a press conference at Singhu Border in New Delhi, farmer leader Kanwalpreet Singh Pannu also said that thousands of farmers will start their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march with their tractors from Rajasthan’s Shahjahanpur through the Jaipur-Delhi Highway at 11 am on Sunday.

The distance between Shahjahanpur and Delhi-Gurgaon border is around 94 km.

A new convoy of over 1500 vehicles including ,1300 tractor trolleys and over 50 k farmers from nearby 1000 villages in 7 districts make way from Punjab to Delhi to participate in the farmers protests at Delhi border.

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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