UK – France Seal deal

EU’s recommended member countries lift the travel ban on UK & allow essential travel.UK and French governments have reached a deal to reopen the border from today – but lorry drivers must test negative for COVID before they can travel.

50 countries travel ban from UK with an except of US . Another travel ban new addition is South Korea. Germany Belgium, Netherland,Scotland, Wales, Ireland,Czech,Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain.

France lift border ban. Rail, air and sea services now resume on Wednesday morning, with all those travelling from the UK into France required to show proof of a negative coronavirus test taken within the previous 72 hours.

The border deal comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Monday, with UK and French officials having worked to reach an agreement to unlock the ban on Tuesday.

The disruption on the South Coast had seen the M20 motorway in Kent closed on Monday night to allow the implementation of Operation Brock.

The action, which involves using a moveable barrier to keep traffic moving on the motorway whenever there is disruption at the Channel, had been prepared for possible  Brexit  delays early in the New Year, but was called upon early.

With thousand of lorries stranded to enter Britain at Donver port,move of easy flow of trucks, rail, air agreed between France and Britain with covid test in place.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed on Tuesday evening that the French government had agreed to accept lateral flow tests, which can return results in around 30 minutes, in order to get freight traffic moving again.

“We’ve made good progress today with the French government and what we’ve agreed is the border can open with tests for everybody leaving the country,” Mr Shapps said, following talks with French officials throughout the day.

UK and French governments have reached a deal to reopen the border between the two countries to hauliers and some passengers from Wednesday if they test negative for COVID.

As part of the agreement, the military and NHS Test and Trace teams are to establish multiple testing sites in Kent.

5,000 lorries are currently waiting, according to the Department for Transport. That’s made up of 3,800 at Manston airfield 15 miles north of Dover, and more than 1,200 on the motorway.

Quick turnaround tests will be deployed in an effort to get moving the more than 2,800 lorries that have been left trapped in Kent, but the queues built up around motorways could still take days to clear.

The backlog has built over the last 48 hours after France shut its border to travellers from the UK on Sunday night, following fears over the spread of a new coronavirus variant.

Rail, air and sea services will now resume on Wednesday morning.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had denied that there will be shortages in the supermarkets, despite warnings by Tesco and Sainsbury’s that after Christmas shelves may be short of salads and vegetable products which are largely imported at this time of year.

The British Retail Consortium, said while supplies were plentiful for Christmas there could be problems in store shortly afterwards.

By Naresh Sagar

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