HongKong Activists Jailed

WHO seeks to inform fear of Virus in its variant diction but fails to bring vaccine and other health guidelines enforcement done diligently.

Human rights aberration are common in Hongkong, Tibet, Million Uighurs into camps jails human rights activist crushed with iron hand in China and weaponising Chinese virus bigger lead killing millions and spread covid pandemic in all seven continents.

Chinese activist who retweeted ‘ink girl’ video charged with inciting subversion.

Chinese court sentenced 10 Hong Kong activists to between seven months and three years in jail on Wednesday for illegally crossing the border, in a case that has drawn international attention and concern over the defendants’ treatment.

The group had all faced charges in Hong Kong over anti-government protests in the Chinese-ruled city and they have been held virtually incommunicado in a mainland prison since their boat was intercepted on August 23 after leaving Hong Kong, allegedly en route to the democratic island of Taiwan.

The court in the city of Shenzhen, which borders the semi-autonomous former British colony of Hong Kong, found eight of the defendants guilty of the illegal crossing and sentenced them to seven months in jail and a 10,000 yuan ($1,533) fine.

Chinese court jails 10 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists over a bid to flee the city by speedboat to seek sanctuary in Taiwan. One jailed for 3 years, another 2 years and 8 get seven months.

Tang Kai-Yin, 31, and Quinn Moon, 33, were found guilty of organising an illegal border crossing and sentenced to three years and two years, respectively, with fines of 20,000 and 15,000 yuan. The court said the pair had acted under the instruction of others, suggesting more arrests could follow.

The defendants’ family-appointed lawyers, who were denied access to their clients, rights groups and relatives criticised the legal process.

Two minors from the so-called “Hong Kong 12” to be returned to Hong Kong

By Naresh Sagar

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