Major Landslide Norway

With such landslide craters found region need to be evacuated till snow or rain not end quick clayey sand may bring continue caving. Dwelling units in such soil condition need to be avoided.

Crater is formed in houses with house still at danger are evacuated, Other buildings hung on the edges of the crater, with one house seen collapsing, TV footage showed.

“It is a catastrophe,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg told reporters after visiting the site.

“There could be people trapped… but at the same time we can’t be sure because it is the New Year’s holiday which means people could be elsewhere,” she said, warning that rescue operations could take a long time.

“This could take days. The situation is still so unstable that it is impossible to do any (rescue) effort other than from helicopters.”

Landslide swept more than a dozen buildings away in the municipality of Gjerdrum.The worst landslide in Norway in 30 years. Happened at 3 AM tonight. A lot of people aren’t found, and 1500 people has been evacuated. tweet read.

Continuous snow cold wet weather with quick clay give rise to caving took time causing landslide,the region need to be evacuated because of crater May enlarge with seepage are on rise till snow or rain do not end.

Ten people have been wounded and 11 are missing after a landslide in southern Norway, police said.

One of the victims was critically injured and more than a dozen buildings were swept away early on Wednesday in the municipality of Gjerdrum, about 19 miles north of Oslo.

Police spokesman Roger Pettersen said officials could not rule out the possibility of people in collapsed buildings.The missing may have evacuated themselves but may also still be in the landslide area, Mr Pettersen told news agency NTB.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg told broadcaster TV2 it should have been a New Year’s weekend with “peace and quiet.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who travelled to the village of around 1,000 people on Wednesday, described the landslide as “one of the largest” the country had seen.

“It’s a dramatic experience to be here,” Solberg told reporters, expressing particular concern for those still missing.

“The situation is still so unstable with the mud that it’s not yet possible to do anything.

Norway’s King Harald said the landslide had made a deep impression on him.

“My thoughts are with all those who are affected, injured or have lost their homes and those who now live in fear and uncertainty of the full extent of the catastrophe,” the 83-year-old monarch said in a statement released by the royal palace.

By Naresh Sagar

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