Buffalo shooting

Gregory Ulrich, 67, is in custody in connection to Tuesday’s deadly shooting at a Buffalo health clinic.

A bomb was also found at the scene. Police have taken one suspect into custody but the motives behind the incident are still unclear.

A shooting at the Allina Health Care Clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota on Tuesday left one person dead and four more injured.

Authorities arrested a suspect. Local Wright County officials described the event as an “active shooter incident.”

Five people were shot in the attack at Allina Clinic Crossroads. One of the victims, who was brought to Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, later died from their injuries, according to hospital officials.

The other four victims were brought to North Memorial Health hospital in Robbinsdale. One of the victims was discharged late Tuesday afternoon, while the other three are in critical, but stable, condition. Officials would not confirm if the victims were patients at the clinic or health care employees.

Ulrich, of Buffalo, is being held at the Wright County Jail. Sources tell WCCO he was cooperative once he was in custody, and he spoke to authorities. Sources also say a handgun was used in the deadly shooting.

The sheriff’s office says they first received a report of shots fired at 10:54 a.m. at 755 Crossroads Campus Drive. Scanner audio details the chaos as it was unfolding:

At least 15 shots were fired … just somebody came and started shooting … Looking at least five injured critically … the male said that the gun and a briefcase is in an office by the front desk, he still should be sprawled out on his stomach … we have a rolling shield in the parking lot approaching now. Is there any more mention of that possible explosive?

Buffalo is a city with a population of about 15,000 residents. Mayor Teri Lachermeier told WCCO this kind of thing doesn’t happen in her city, but several law enforcement agencies are now working together to make sure the community feels safe. She spoke briefly to the press, taking on a healing, conciliatory role in the tragedy’s aftermath.

“We’re gonna make it through this. It’s gonna be difficult. This doesn’t happen in Buffalo, Minnesota, right? But we gotta be there for these people that are needing us,” Lachermeier said.

In that same emotional Tuesday afternoon press conference, law enforcement officials said Ulrich was “on their radar,” and they have had on-and-off-again contact with him since 2003. Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke was visibly shaken as he discussed the scene of multiple shootings at the clinic, saying the suspect has a history of being unhappy with the health care he received.

By Naresh Sagar

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