Moldova Snap Poll

Moldova is an Eastern European country and former Soviet republic, has varied terrain including forests, rocky hills and vineyards. Moldova wine regions include Nistreana, known for reds, and Codru, home to some of the world’s largest cellars.

Maia Sandu is the first Moldovan President invited at Élysées in the last 24 years. On Feb 04, Maia Sandu, president of Moldova visited Elysee Palace at the invitation of French president Emmanuel Macron. It is a first working visit of a Moldovan president to France due to an official invitation of a French president in 24 years.

Moldova is fully committed to pursue its European track and deserves all our support. Its success is Europe’s success

Moldova, with a population of about 3.5 million, is one of Europe’s poorest countries and is sharply divided between those who support closer ties with Russia and those who advocate links with the European Union and, especially, neighboring EU member Romania.

Albania and #Moldova plan to further strengthen biletaral cooperation and institutional dialogue.

Most of Moldova was part of Romania until World War II, when it was annexed by the Soviet Union, and a majority of its population is ethnic Romanian.

Its capital Chișinău has Soviet-style architecture and the National Museum of History, exhibiting art, ethnographic collections that reflect cultural links with neighboring Romania.

Moldovan lawmakers rejected President Maia Sandu’s choice of a new government on February 11, paving the way for an early election that pro-Western Sandu has welcomed as an opportunity to consolidate her power against the Moscow-leaning Socialist party.

A former World Bank economist, Sandu defeated Socialist Igor Dodon in a presidential election in November 2020 on a pledge to fight entrenched corruption and improve relations with the European Union.

But she has accused parliament, which is still dominated by Dodon’s Socialists and their allies, of attempting to sabotage her presidency and sees snap polls as a way of cementing her hold on power.

Sandu last month nominated Natalia Gavrilita, 43, as prime minister. Gavrilita was finance minister during Sandu’s short-lived tenure as prime minister in 2019.

Gavrilita on February 11 failed to garner a single vote in parliament.

Ambassador Hogan presented office equipment provided by the United States through USAID to the Moldovan National Agency for Public Health and ten regional Centers of Public Health today.  These centers are crucial to the national vaccination effort.

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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