Myamar Internet Tech-blackout

Interesting tweet, We, Myanmar citizens, Who needs Democracy are peacefully participate anti-coup protest on day after day. We are so united and stronger day by day. GIVE BACK HUMAN RIGHTS #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Feb18coup

The mass of Myanmar citizens took to the streets of downtown Yangon on Wednesday to protest against the military regime demand human rights.

Cars Broken Campaign. Car owners and taxi drivers blocked almost every street in Yangon, Myanmar. To stop the police track, tanks and water cannon cars. The men are doing good job tweted another one today.

Myanmar military atroocities on its citizen their freedom, human rights are daily embattles on the street of many cities across the country. Protesters every day revigratating energy defy military and protest continuing.

“Car owners are opening their bonnets and stopping in the middle of the road [as a protest] near the Central Bank during early office hours. They will keep doing so for the next few days.”

NayPyiTaw engineers group and CDM Staff participate in protesting with cars and motor-cycles to release our Leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi immediately !

A police officer shoots at demonstrators during a protest in Myaungmya, Myanmar.Myanmar military’s recent deployment in Yangon of its 77th Light Infantry Division. It has a history of brutally suppressing protests–e.g., the killings of participants in the monk-led uprising of 2007, Saffron Revolution.

Since the February 1 coup, Myanmar’s military has ordered five temporary internet shutdowns. In recent days, communications have been throttled three consecutive nights for a period of eight hours between 1 am and 9 am
Internet shutdowns have not deterred protesters from taking to the streets, but they have been successful at striking fear into people´s hearts

Myanmar military has the country been plunged into repeated internet blackouts as the military blocked access to several social media platforms and drafted a new cybersecurity bill to launch further crackdowns on citizens’ internet freedom.

Matt Warren of Melbourne´s RMIT University said the regime could be borrowing from China´s playbook on creating a state-monitored firewall to control information flows.

“The Chinese model is an example of how a (government) can control a population online,” he told AFP, adding that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Vietnam have similar but less sophisticated measures.

Whatever the reason, the military´s internet shutdowns could be characterised as “ad hoc”.

“They´re reacting to the situation. They didn´t have a plan to control the internet as soon as the (coup) happened,” he told AFP.

Another possible explanation for the timing of the outages is that the junta wants to keep businesses up and running throughout the day.

Myanmar citizens managed to skirt the social media blocks by using virtual private networks (VPNs).

Top10VPN, a Britain-based digital security advocacy group, reported a 7,200-percent increase in local demand for VPNs in the immediate aftermath of Facebook being banned on February 4.

“As VPNs provide a means for citizens to bypass restrictions, authorities will often restrict them to ensure their internet shutdowns are effective,” Samuel Woodhams of Top10VPN told AFP.

He added that there had been reports of VPN services being blocked in Myanmar, although it was unclear exactly how many had been affected.

“It shows the determination of the government to restrict citizens´ access to information and freedom of expression,” he said.

Some internet users in Myanmar have also circumvented the blackouts with foreign sim cards.

Chinese Ambassador Chen Hai has dismissed as “completely nonsense“ rumors in Myanmar that China was flying in technicians and equipment to help the military junta tighten internet censorship and suppress growing protests against the Feb. 1 coup. Radio free Asia report.

Pharma, Engineers, Government dept official, police too do support people protest,Wednesday sea of unending people were seen on streets against military coup Feb 1.

Coup government forces crackdown on Myanmar Railways department workers who were involved in pro-democracy protests. According to witnesses police set fire to the workers housing compound, fired tear gas, and at least 40 gunshots.

European Union have just announced that on Monday 22nd February, EU Foreign Ministers will formally decide their response to the military coup in Burma.
They are talking about sanctioning military leaders, but all this means is freezing assets in the EU, and a visa ban.
No-one believes the military leaders have any assets in the EU to freeze. And a visa ban means they can’t take holidays in EU member states.
If all the EU does is ban military leaders taking holidays in the EU, it’s a betrayal of the millions of people risking their lives protesting on the streets in Burma since the coup.
It is essential that the EU sanctions military companies. They must stop European companies doing business with the vast business empire of the military, and helping the military make profits which they use to oppress the people of Burma.

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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