Myanmar two protester killed

António Guterres@antonioguterres·I condemn the use of deadly violence in Myanmar. The use of lethal force, intimidation & harassment against peaceful demonstrators is unacceptable. Everyone has a right to peaceful assembly. I call on all parties to respect election results and return to civilian rule.

At least two people were killed and six were injured as police and soldiers used live ammunition while attacking peaceful protesters near a shipyard in Mandalay on Saturday afternoon

20 trucks full of police and soldiers arrived to break up the protest using live ammunition and water cannon.

UN Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews·The 33rd Light Infantry Division was reportedly involved in the lethal attacks in Mandalay today – the same division responsible for mass atrocity crimes against the Rohingya in 2017. A dangerous escalation by the junta in what appears to be a war against the people of Myanmar.

Two killed in police firing on protestors in Myanmar.Police in Myanmar opened fire on protesters in the city of Mandalay, killing two people and wounding dozens.

Marking a violent turn in the ongoing protest movement in Myanmar, two protestors were killed in police firing in the second largest city of Mandalay on Saturday. Earlier, one young student died on Friday after she was injured ten days back in police firing in the capital city of Naypyidaw. With the latest deaths, the number of protestors killed in Myanmar agitation has gone up to 3. The military government also claimed that a policeman had been killed after he was injured by protestors. 

Protestors took to streets in several cities and towns on Saturday. Ethnic minorities, transport workers and poets joined the protest demanding an end to the military rule, reports Reuters. 

Some demonstrators fired catapults at the police which responded with tear gas and firing, though it is not clear if they fired live ammunition or rubber bullets. A volunteer from the demonstrators told Reuters that twenty people were injured in the firing by the security personnel.

10 people arrested so far in an ongoing crackdown by the police and soldiers using rubber bullets to disperse a protesting crowd near a shipyard in Mandalay.

By Naresh Sagar

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