Finland Climate Plan Survey

Online survey on the climate plan attracted 18,000 responses

Ministry of the Environment 22.2.2021 10.11PRESS RELEASE

The Ministry of the Environment organised an online survey to gather people’s views and opinions on how emissions can be reduced effectively and fairly. The number of responses that came in during the four weeks the survey was open was very high, more than 18,000. The responses will be used for the preparation of the Medium-Term Climate Change Policy Plan.

“It is truly valuable that so many people wanted to share their opinions on how emissions should be reduced. In wish to thank everyone who responded to the survey! The wide interest proves that people consider it important to have the opportunity to have a say in climate policy. The only way to succeed in climate work is to get everyone involved. Giving people an easy way to influence climate decisions is an important part of fair and just climate work,” Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen says.

A summary of the responses to the survey will be presented to the working group tasked with preparing the climate plan. The summary will also be published on the website of the Ministry of the Environment later this spring.

In the survey people were asked to tell their opinions on how acceptable different kinds of measures to reduce emissions would be. They were also asked to consider how the different measures would influence their own behaviour. The themes included in the survey were transport, food and eating and housing, which constitute the highest percentage of our carbon footprint. The survey was open from 19 January to 19 February 2021.

To reach the carbon neutrality target, emission reductions are needed in all sectors. Calculated on the basis of the carbon footprint, household consumption is estimated to account for 66% of Finland’s total emissions.

Medium-term Climate Change Policy Plan paves the way for a carbon-neutral Finland 2035

The medium-term climate change policy plan will be updated to meet the Government’s goal of achieving a carbon-neutral Finland by the year 2035. The plan contains a description of the development of emissions in the past and estimates the development of emissions based on the current policy measures in relation to the targets. The plan also outlines new policy measures, and their effectiveness is assessed in relation to the objectives.

To support the preparation of the plan, a working group was set up in October 2020, with representatives from the key ministries and the Climate Panel. The draft plan will be completed in the summer of 2021 and will be submitted to Parliament as a report in autumn 2021

By Naresh Sagar

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