Today is the National Science Day which is celebrated every year on this day to commemorate findings of Raman Effects by our great physicist Shri Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman on 28 Feb 1928.He was honoured with Nobel Prize in 1932 and later, after independence Bharat Ratan in 1954. I was looking for some science programmes online and suddenly came across a video of Indigo flight cabin crew taking selfie with Mr K. Sivan, Chairman Indian Space Research Organisation ,after Chandrayan 2 Mission.This video went viral,was a pleasant surprise for me. it compelled  me to think, can non TV, non cricket personality in India become celebrity? I feel, recognising Mr  K. Sivan  by cabin crew and gathering around him for  selfie  and cheering  by passengers was a welcome change towards unsung Heroes of India.

  Chandrayaan 2 Mission was an important mission at global level and millions of people throughout the world   glued to their TVs,  laptops and mobile phones to see India’s first moon landing mission post midnight intervening  September 6 / 7 this year. Though  the mission was not a complete success but it made Mr K.Sivan  hero of billions of people globally and household name in India. Even our enemies evoked unprecedented interest in the event.

 This event  had made Mr K.Sivan a role model for aspiring youth of our nation , which i feel is a step in right direction and a need of the hour.We must create role models in form of scientists and technologists through a well thought out  national strategy and make  young generation aware about its  impact  on  future of the nation. Unfortunately we are far behind to do so. Because of TRP hungry commercial chanels and unbridled media policy, lot of  Babas, Sadhus, Moulvis and ambitious  people with selfish motives serve  half baked , unverified and distorted facts to the public through 24*7 TV channels and other social media plateforms making them popular  over  night. This is  polarising our Secular nation on religious lines and radicalising thought process of AAM ADMI.

We are a nation of hyper-religiosity . We believe in zodiacs and luck factor more than our hard work. We donate tons of gold to the temples every year but see dieying people on our next door slums without any remorse. Number of temples, mosques, churches and  other religious places are manifold in comparison to all schools and hospitals put together. Our secular country is slowly being polarized on religious lines. We are moving away from our original religious scriptures and interpretations are being done to suit  ambitions of power hungry and selfish people. Grip of such  radical elements in all religious teachings  and functioning is ever tightening.

Have you ever thought how much superstitions, black magic,witch hunting and orthodoxical practices costing us in terms of precious lives of the people every day. Our ignorant people in absence of spirit of inquiry and questioning are so gullible and become toys in the hands of quacks. Another point to be considered seriously is national security. Our country is surrounded by enemies and social media is a potent weapon in  their hands. We know social media is being used by enemy in continuous psychological war against india. Population without scientific attitude and reasoning mind becomes easy target for them to carry out  their agenda of creating tensions amongst various sections of society through spreading rumours and false informations. This leads to lowering  national morale by inciting riots , fueling anti-national sentiments, creating anarchy like situations and ultimately weakening the country.

 In  such a scenario, it is our national duty to arrest this trend and  counter spread of this environment through creating scientific attitude in our youth and general public through well thought out National education policy and action plan.

We are living in an era of Science and Technology. science and technology has become part and parcel of a daily lives.Ringing of alarm bell early in the morning to switching off good night light are  best example to say so. All the  worldly luxuries  that we are enjoying today are resultant of Science and Technology.

I am not aware of any Nation on earth that has progressed and  prospired  without utilisation of expertise of strong cadre  of scientists  and technologists.

Last 50 years has seen unimaginable  development in Science and technology which had not happened in 5000 years preceding that.The future is going to see even more intense use of this scientific knowledge and unthinkable wonders. If we are serious about our future, we have to ever increase and expand platform for science and technology by aligning the attitude of the youth in this incredibly scientific knowledge centric era.

 Question arises, what is scientific temper  and how do we develop  it? What seems obvious  to me is making our  scientists and technologists CELEBRITIES  and developing country’s techno-social attitude through our education system. 

Scientific temper or attitude  is basically a spirit of inquiry wherein  rigorous pursuit of knowledge is being done  by reasoning, analysis, objectivity and precision. This should become essential and  indispensable   element for good policy making

It is  not that we have not done anything so far.We are  right on the track but need boosting it up further with  missionary zeal  as sweeping changes are taking place all around us. Options are, either we keep pace with the changing scientific environment or we will be swept away.i am very sure we have all wherewithal to choose first option and go ahead with it strongly

 Our  first Prime Minister, Mr Jawaharlal Nehru was true supporter of scientific knowledge.He had written in his book, Discovery Of India that do not believe in anything unless you have scientific evidences for the same.Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee further invigourated it  by adding Jay vigyan in Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Jai Jawan -Jai Kisan slogan.Former UGC chairman, professor Yashpal,,a scientist educationist has also contributed immensely in  advancing scientific attitude through policy making and his program SAMAJ KA CHASHMA 

When it comes to rights we Indians are well aware about it.. HAME HAMARA HAQ CHAHIYE, but what about duties, no body cares.One must realise that rights consists in performance of our  duties. As per article 51 A(h )  of our constitution, it is fundamental duty of every citizen to develop scientific temper, Humanism, spirit of Inquiry  and Reforms.The term scientific temper is uniquely Indian as it was formulated by our first Prime Minister, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru.

Abiding by this fundamental duty, we become more patriotic  as it is in the national interest that we embark upon spreading and  encouraging  scientific attitude in all walks of life. It will also  help us in long run to have a large pool of scientists and technocrats to  use  our depleting  resources judiciously and keep  the nation on  fast track  development to  ensure better future for teeming Millions.

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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