Former President Sarkozy Jailed

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy found guilty of corruption and handed a three-year prison sentence for trying to illegally influence a judge.

The sentence includes two years suspended, which means it is unlikely Sarkozy will physically go to prison.

Former French President Sarkozy sentenced to three years prison, with two years of them suspended.

Sarkozy, was president of France from 2007-2012, has been given a three-year sentence for corruption.

He is unlikely to physically serve any time in jail, with two years suspended, and the option to serve one year under house arrest.

The first former president in the country’s modern history to serve time in prison.

Sarkozy was found guilty of offering a plum job in Monaco to a judge in exchange for inside information on an inquiry into his campaign finances.

Sarkozy has 10 days to appeal the ruling. The same sentence was handed down to his co-defendants lawyer Thierry Herzog and judge Gilbert Azibert.

Sarkozy, who was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing in the Bettencourt affair, still faces a raft of other legal woes.

Allegations that he received millions of euros from Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi for his 2007 election campaign are still being investigated, and he is also accused of fraudulently overspending in his failed 2012 reelection bid.

In January, prosecutors opened another probe into alleged influence-peddling by Sarkozy over his advisory activities in Russia.

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