PM Modi :CERA Week Global Energy Award

Climate Change can be fought through policies, laws, rules and orders as well as behavioural change, says PM; receives CERAWeek Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, climate change can be fought through policies, laws, rules and orders as well as behavioural change. Delivering the keynote address at CERAWeek 2021, Mr Modi stressed that behavioural change is the most powerful way to fight these challenges. He added that this spirit of behavioural change is a key part of Indian traditional habits which teach consumption with compassion. He expressed pride in farmers who are constantly using modern ways of irrigation. There is growing awareness on improving soil health and reducing use of pesticides. He pointed out that there is a growing demand of healthy and organic food and India can drive this change through spices, ayurveda products and more.

The Prime Minister added that India is working to increase its share of natural gas from 6 percent to 15 percent by 2030. LNG is being promoted as a fuel and a National Hydrogen Mission for use of hydrogen as a fuel has been launched. Mr Modi said as of 1st March this year, around 37 million LED bulbs are being used in India and this has saved cost and energy. Over 38 million tonnes carbon dioxide has been reduced per year. Over the last seven years, India’s forest cover has grown significantly. The population of lions, tigers, leopards and water fowls has grown. Mr Modi said these are great indicators of positive behavioural changes.

CERAWeek Founder Dr Daniel Yergin gave the CERAWeek Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award to Mr Modi. The Prime Minister dedicated the award to the people of India and the glorious tradition of the country that shows the way to care for environment. He said, the award recognises environmental leadership. He said, there is no doubt that when it comes to caring for the environment, the people of India are the leaders, and it has been the case for centuries.

The Prime Minister said in Mahatma Gandhi, India has one of the greatest environment champions to have ever lived. He added that if humanity had followed the path given by him, people would not have faced so many problems today. He urged everyone to visit Mahatma Gandhi’s home in Porbandar to get practical lessons on water conversations such as underground water tanks constructed over 200 years ago.

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