Finland Demographic Challenges

New report explores demographic challenges and opportunities in the 2020s.

The birth rate in Finland decreased by one quarter in the 2010s, and our population structure is among the oldest in the world. With this in mind, a project launched by Prime Minister Sanna Marin aimed to examine reasons for the current demographic situation and to present guidelines for securing sustainable demographic development.

The report shows that Finland’s demographic development in the 2010s diverged from that of the other Nordic countries in many ways. Finland saw the slowest rate of population growth in the Nordic countries, and the total fertility rate decreased to less than 1.4 children per woman on average. Finland’s population would shrink without immigration. The sharp decline in the birth rate weakens the financial basis for of general government finances and leads to increased social inequality.

“That said, the COVID-19 pandemic may have improved Finland’s demographic room for manoeuvre: so far, the decline in the birth rate seems to have ceased, net immigration is on the rise and internal migration has stabilised. Now would be a good time to set new demographic targets,” says principal investigator Anna Rotkirch. 

The report, entitled ‘Recovery of the birth rate and longer life expectancy: Guidelines for population policy in the 2020s’, was published on Wednesday 10 March. Research Professor Anna Rotkirch from the Family Federation of Finland was the principal investigator in the project and the author of the report. The project was supported by a steering groupOpens in a new tabconsisting of the State Secretaries of the parties in Government and by an independent scientific panel on population policyOpens in a new tab. The Government will use the report when preparing for its mid-term policy review session.

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