India Condemns Violence in Myanmar

Despite 550 killed and internet restrictions that have cut off most people in Myanmar, the protests against the junta go on.

KenRoth·UNHR:The Chinese government keeps talking about not wanting “outsiders ‘meddling’ in Myanmar’s internal affairs” — meaning the junta can shoot protesters at will (and Beijing can detain Uyghur Muslims at will, crush Hong Kong’s freedoms, etc).

Myanmar’s junta cracks down on online critics, death toll edges up to 550.

India condemns violence in Myanmar, calls for release of political prisoners.

India today condemned the violence in Myanmar and called for the release of political prisoners. Briefing media, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi said, New Delhi believes that the rule of law should prevail and it stands for the restoration of democracy in Myanmar.

He said, India supports any attempts of resolving the current situation including through the efforts of ASEAN. Mr. Bagchi added that New Delhi remains engaged on this issue with its international interlocutors and at the UN Security Council in an effort to play a balanced and constructive role.

 Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews·The junta has shut down wireless Internet access & is now deploying rocket propelled grenades, machine guns & other weapons of war against the people of Myanmar. This madness must stop. Sanctions & an arms embargo must be imposed to cut their access to revenue and weapons.

Pro-democracy protesters across Myanmar “have held flower strikes, placing floral tributes at locations where security forces have killed activists since the February 1 coup.” Horribly, there are many such sites. Media agencies.

By Naresh Sagar

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