Municipal Election Finn Polling station

List of advance polling stations for municipal elections available at

Ministry of Justice 

Information on the advance polling stations for the 2021 municipal elections to be held in June is now available on the website of the Ministry of Justice. The website contains the addresses and opening hours of all advance polling stations in Finland and abroad.

The municipal elections will be held on 13 June 2021. The advance voting period in Finland is longer than usual, two weeks, from 26 May to 8 June. Abroad, the advance voting period is from 2 to 5 June.

The number of general advance polling stations in Finland is 930. Advance polling stations are mainly located at town halls, libraries and shopping centres.

Abroad, a possibility for advance voting will be provided at 106 Finnish diplomatic or consular missions or their offices in 75 different countries.

Some of the advance polling stations will be open only on certain days during the advance voting period.

Eligible voters staying abroad during the advance voting period and on election day may also vote in advance by post from abroad. Instructions on postal voting are available at

There will be 1,854 election day polling stations around the country.

Information on outdoor polling stations will be added to the website later. Municipalities can provide voters with a possibility to vote outdoors at the addresses where the advance polling stations are located. Some municipalities will provide a possibility to vote outdoors in a tent or another shelter, for example. A possibility for drive-in voting will also be provided by some municipalities.

Municipalities will also inform their residents about the polling stations themselves.

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