Foreign aid to India

India receives more foreign aid of medicines, medical equipment & oxygen. Taiwan’s first batch of aid to India to help it fight a surging increase in COVID-19 infections left for New Delhi on Sunday, consisting of 150 oxygen concentrators and 500 oxygen cylinders, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said.

Over 40 Countries Have Offered Aid To India Amid Covid: Foreign Secretary.


India has received more foreign aid of medicines, medical equipment and oxygen. Another flight from US arrived in India last night carrying over one thousand oxygen cylinders, regulators and other medical equipment. The third shipment in a period of two days adding to the oxygen capacities in India. The Ministry of External Affairs thanked US for its support.

Hundred oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies sent by Government of Uzbekistan also reached India last night. The Indian community in Uzbekistan has donated another 51 oxygen concentrators.

The Ministry of External Affairs thanked Government of Uzbekistan and the Indian community there for it.

Yesterday, 120 ventilators arrived from Germany. Sources said Germany will send one mobile oxygen production and filling plant next week. 13 German Technical Personnel have come to India for installation and training. Sources said that a consignment of Remdesivir and monoclonal is also set to come. German agency would organize a webinar on virus sequencing with Indian technical team.

In addition, procurement from private German companies is being made. 24 oxygen transport tanks were procured from German company Linde by Tata. Oil India Corporation Limited is procuring four oxygen tanks from German company Albatross.

Spain will send just over seven tonnes of medical supplies to India, the foreign minister said.

The latest figures came as medical equipment — including oxygen-generation plants — was flown into the capital New Delhi from France and Germany as part of a huge international effort.

“We are here because we are bringing help that…will save lives,” Germany’s Ambassador to India Walter J. Lindner said as 120 ventilators arrived late on Saturday.

“Out there the hospitals are full. People are sometimes dying in front of the hospitals. They have no more oxygen. Sometimes (they are dying) in their cars.”

French ambassador Emmanuel Lenain said his country wanted to show solidarity with India. “The world won’t be safe until we are all safe. So it’s a matter of urgency,” he said on Sunday following the delivery of eight oxygen-generation plants and dozens of ventilators from France.

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