PM Reviews Human Resources in Covid

Men and Machine tools of entire action of mankind. With exponential spike in virus need of Medical humans resources next ultimate challenge.He is free from assembly election campaign need to shed energy in decimating covid.SC as issued notice to centre on spread of lethal virus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the growing need of human resources required for dealing with the crisis of Covid-19 situation in the country.

Many important decisions have been taken during the review meeting which will significantly boost availability of medical personnel required for treatment of Covid patients.

Among the many decisions, a decision has been taken to postpone NEET-Post Graduate exam for at least four months.

This will ensure the availability of qualified doctors for Covid duties.

The exam will not be held before 31st of August of this year and students will be given at least one month of time after the announcement of the exam.

It has also been decided to allow deployment of medical interns in the Covid management duties under the supervision of their faculty.

The services of final year MBBS students can be utilized for providing services like tele-consultation and monitoring of mild COVID cases.

The services of final year post graduate students as residents may continue to be utilized.

It has further been decided that services of B.Sc. and General Nursing and Midwifery nurses may be utilized in Covid nursing duties under the supervision of Senior Doctors and Nurses.

In a major decision, it has been decided that the individuals providing services in COVID management will be given priority in forthcoming regular government recruitments after they complete a minimum of 100 days of COVID duties.

The medical students and professionals sought to be engaged in COVID related work will be suitably vaccinated.

Engaged Health professionals will be covered under the Insurance Scheme of Government.

All such professionals will be given the Prime Minister’s Distinguished COVID National Service Samman after completion of their 100 days of COVID duties.

The States and Union Territories have been requested to consider the above incentives to maximise the availability of manpower to provide relief to the Covid patients.

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