US-led coalition conducts airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria

The USA and its allies have carried out 19 airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria on Monday, the US military said in a statement on Tuesday. Syria witnessed six attacks against tactical units, fighting positions, a training camp and other IS targets. In Iraq the US-led coalition carried out 13Continue reading “US-led coalition conducts airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria”

Abbas won’t seek top PLO, Fatah posts

Abbas won’t seek top PLO, Fatah posts Naresh Kumar Sagar Just now · Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has told confidants he won’t seek re-election to the top posts in the Palestine Liberation Organization or his Fatah movement in upcoming elections, AFP reported, citing two officials. Abbas, 80, intends to retain his most important post, as presidentContinue reading “Abbas won’t seek top PLO, Fatah posts”

BBC News: Why is India’s economy rising so rapidly?

BBC News Sponsored · Why is India’s economy rising so rapidly? BBC News looks at the factors helping India Learn More Don’t overburden central banks – R.Rajan Learn More India’s Arun Jaitley on economic plans. Learn More India’s economic rise – in 60 secs Learn More Are Indians feeling richer? See more at BBC.COM 701Continue reading “BBC News: Why is India’s economy rising so rapidly?”

UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York

Dear Media Colleagues, On 25-27 September, over 160 Heads of State and Government, together with leaders of civil society and the private sector, will gather at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York for the adoption of the new sustainable development agenda. This bold and ambitious agenda aims to end poverty and promote prosperityContinue reading “UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York”

“Abhigyana Shakuntalam

Invitation for preview – 2nd year students production “Abhigyana Shakuntalam From: Anoop Barua <> Tue, 1 Sep ’15 4:24p To: undisclosed-recipients:; Show full Headers Dear friend, It gives me an immense pleasure in informing you that NSD is organizing an effort to recreate the classical theatre. Sanskrit Classical Theatre is a highly developed theatre technique and its trainingContinue reading ““Abhigyana Shakuntalam”

Clarions Launch Miss Indian Diva 2015

New Delhi, August 2015 – Veterans in the Fashion industry with years of experience and expertise, Gautam Vaid and Ishreen Vadi launched a Beauty Pageant at Club BW, Surya Hotel in the month of August, 2015 for the Indian woman to highlight her strength and beauty, élan and poise, with their signature style in the formContinue reading “Clarions Launch Miss Indian Diva 2015”

Palmyra’s most famed temple destroyed

Satellite images show Palmyra’s most famed temple destroyed The most famed temple in Syria’s Palmyra has been blown up, the UN said, citing satellite images of the damage done by Islamic State jihadists. “We can confirm destruction of the main building of the Temple of Bel as well as a row of columns in itsContinue reading “Palmyra’s most famed temple destroyed”

Poland backtracks on Nazi gold train find

Poland backtracks on Nazi gold train find, army to investigate site Polish officials have backtracked from last week’s comments over the probable discovery of a buried German Nazi train believed to be laden with gold and other loot, Bloomberg said. However, they reportedly decided to send in the army to investigate the potential site nevertheless.Continue reading “Poland backtracks on Nazi gold train find”